I was fortunate enough to be able to add an extension on to the Best of Brazil Pantanal and Atlantic Forest 2019 trip. The extension took me on a visit to the Belo Horizonte and the Caraça Monastery where one gets to see the Maned Wolf and then to the border of Brazil and Argentina where the famous Iguazu Falls cascade between the two countries. I did the extension as a private tour with Eduardo Ormaeche as tour leader. I would definitely recommend a private tour if it is within your means as the beauty of seeing the Maned Wolf at the monastery is turned into magic when there is a limited amount of people around. Staying at the Monastery is also truly an experience not to be missed. In addition to the Monastery and Maned Wolf, Eduardo did a fantastic job at finding all the birds of note in the area. Iguazu Falls was truly beautiful. It is a very busy area though with many tourists from both Argentina and Brazil coming out for day trips, but there are so many lookouts and viewing areas that one can see the falls from many angles and get some wonderful photographs. The Great Dusky Swift are around the falls and Eduardo was able to find the perfect viewing spot to watch them nesting. It was a trip well worth remembering and recommending.

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