Oliver Reville (Oli) was BE’s frontman on this tour and did really well, ably balancing the needs and wants of his clients. Like Yeray below, he had to switch very quickly in his guidance and response to our group. The barrage was constant, so well done him !
Oli was very helpful in the field, able to go in depth on subtleties in plumage and call when required. He also has great ears (!) which I found most useful, since I now struggle to pick high pitch beasties, like Eurasian Penduline Tit (a lifer for me) and Firecrest. His direction pointing was excellent, particularly when patience was called for with some clients. That is an art in itself.
His good humor was also key in maintaining our momentum on tour, although his penchant for putting mixers with his red wine at the evening meal left us all in stitches. Hetook the ribbing very well !
Oli was very good company on tour and I wish him well in developing and promoting Spain Spring Extravaganza to future clients. It’s a tasty tour – go for it!

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