What a great day we had with Oli on the Norfolk coast! We are amateur bird watchers and wanted to add some quiet and nature to our (mostly) London vacation from the States. We knew most of the birds we’d be seeing would differ from what we see at home, so wanted to have a guide help us identify birds and tell us about the area.

Oli was a wonderful guide — informative, kind, relaxed and adaptive to conditions (people, birds, weather etc.). The gentle pace of the day allowed us to go at our own speed — enjoying what we saw through our binoculars/scope as well as enjoying the countryside, a lovely lunch at a local pub (which Oli recommended — we would never have found it ourselves!). He had a great sense of how long to stay at each spot, bird-wise and people-wise. I cannot recommend this one-day tour enough for people who are relatively new to birding — it’s a great way to have a taste of this awe-inspiring activity, to be in nature and to see parts of the country you wouldn’t usually see on a more routine kind of tour.

I’m going home refreshed and inspired to learn more!

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