Birding Tours – Day Tours

Namibia day tours, which we run at any time!

All our Namibian 1-day tours run from the capital city Windhoek. Typically, these tours involve visiting a number of birding sites within an hour’s drive of the city with the major birding attraction being Daan Viljoen Game Park, Windhoek Sewage Works and Avis Dam.

We strongly recommend that you book far in advance. At certain times of the year our birding guides get booked particularly far in advance, but even at the best of times we recommend booking as far in advance as possible. On the other hand, we can often accommodate you even if you book a week in advance.

We believe in providing first class service, and if you e-mail us with any questions you will find we answer with great detail and enthusiasm.

Please note: Any of these 1-day tours can be run as 1-day photographic birding tours – to convert them into birding photo tours we modify the sites visited and slow down the pace.

Please contact us for our Namibian day-tour pricing.

Namibia day tours

1-day Namibia Birding Tours

1-day Namibia Birding Tours