We’ve received some fantastic testimonials from our clients. Click the plus signs on the testimonials below to read more.

Agnes - On Ghana

Thank you for organizing this trip for me, thank you for your patience during these troubled times. I will return for sure, to Ghana and maybe to neighboring countries. I’d love to see the very difficult Black-collared Lovebird. Or the Timneh Parrot (Psittacus erithacus timneh). And when I return, I’d love to stay a bit longer in Bonkro. I simply adore that place, the comfort of the lodging, the birding location, the peace and quiet. It was by far the best lodging (and food) of the whole trip. And, of course the out-of-this-world-bird, the Picathartes. Thank you all for a very successful and fun trip.

Ahmad and Sue - On Andy and Thailand

We just returned from our trip to Thailand. It was wonderful. Thank you very much for arranging our tour with Andy Walker. He was the best guide we ever had. He is knowledgeable,easy going, hard working, and has all the qualities that people expect from a guide. We really enjoyed birding with him. We would be happy to go birding with him any time and would highly recommend him as a guide to any of our friends. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to have him as our guide.

Alan - on Andy and West Papua

I had a terrific trip, and realized virtually all my expectations for this excursion. There were 6 people on the trip, and I was the only one NOT a birder, but that did not detract from my enjoyment. My goals with this trip were to see and hopefully photograph the birds-of-paradise, and to my delight, I was able to do that. The local guides were terrific!

Andy Walker was our overall tour guide, and his knowledge of the birds is encyclopedic. He kept the group well organized, on time, and in position to see many very special birds. Andy has promised to send me information on additional trips to PNG and Vietnam.

Alistair - On Johannesburg day tours and Dylan

Absolutely fantastic tour of Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve and nearby wetlands. Birdlife was excellent – a great introduction to Africa for me. Dylan was excellent company and a fantastic guide - very knowledge about the local flora and fauna, and was able to quickly identify all birds by sight and call. I would highly recommend him to any prospective clients.

Alma - On Dylan and South Africa

Dylan Vasapolli is extremely knowledgeable about birding and photography, but it’s his enthusiasm for the subject that is wonderful to experience. He has been birding for many years, and still, he has such a love for birding and the environment, which is very infectious. I was extremely lucky to have him as my guide.

Anne - On Eduardo and Bolivia

Bolivia was a place on my wish list for some time. Unfortunately, the time I picked to go happened to be a time of political unrest. But, in spite of that, Eduardo and the Birding Ecotours team did an amazing job of keeping us all safe and still managing to take us to some special places to see some special birds. The endemic and critically endangered Blue-throated Macaw was a real highlight. Sadly, the trip was cut short due to the state the country at the time, but the professionalism of Birding Ecotours never came into question. I felt safe in their hands and would travel with them again anytime.

Anne - On Eduardo and Brazil

I was fortunate enough to be able to add an extension on to the Best of Brazil Pantanal and Atlantic Forest 2019 trip. The extension took me on a visit to the Belo Horizonte and the Caraça Monastery where one gets to see the Maned Wolf and then to the border of Brazil and Argentina where the famous Iguazu Falls cascade between the two countries. I did the extension as a private tour with Eduardo Ormaeche as tour leader. I would definitely recommend a private tour if it is within your means as the beauty of seeing the Maned Wolf at the monastery is turned into magic when there is a limited amount of people around. Staying at the Monastery is also truly an experience not to be missed. In addition to the Monastery and Maned Wolf, Eduardo did a fantastic job at finding all the birds of note in the area. Iguazu Falls was truly beautiful. It is a very busy area though with many tourists from both Argentina and Brazil coming out for day trips, but there are so many lookouts and viewing areas that one can see the falls from many angles and get some wonderful photographs. The Great Dusky Swift are around the falls and Eduardo was able to find the perfect viewing spot to watch them nesting. It was a trip well worth remembering and recommending.

Ashleigh - On Dom and Tankwa Karoo

We chose the 2-day Tankwa Karoo birding trip and had an incredible time. I think we saw just short of 90 different species over the 2 days, including many new species for our bird book, which would have taken us years to find without Dom. It was an incredible experience and Dom’s ability to find birds just by their call is something to marvel at.

Barbara and Jim - On Galo and Ecuador

We have travelled with Galo twice and had planned a third trip with him until world problems interfered. We have greatly enjoyed his company and good nature. He has been a tremendous guide with great ear for the bird calls and knowledge of all sites. He is very helpful and patient with us. He seems to anticipate our needs without our asking and adapts to our capabilities and interests. We look forward to travelling with him again.

Beatrice - On Angola

Fantastic tour through a remote African birding country that offers a real chance to see all endemics and near
endemics of Angola. Climate change, logging of forests, industrial "advancement" in a poor country despite a high BP
may bring this to an end fairly soon, but there are signs of hope like the reforestation in the Mt. Moco area or
reestablishment of eg. Kissama NP. Birders from abroad might support these tiny efforts on a small scale, the
Angolan counterpart of the tour tries hard to meet the tourists needs.

Beatrice - On Dylan and Angola

Dylan was a perfect tour guide with amazing gifts of fantastic hearing, vision, acoustic and eye remembrance, on top
of a huge knowledge of birds habitats and behavior. He showed us this fabulous bird world with real compassion. He
never lost his good mood, always tried to satisfy complex whishes and pampered all of us, thank you very much.
Both Angolan guides did their very best and we learned much about the country.

Betty - On Dylan and India

Dylan is an excellent birder and so at ease with all ages and skills and personalities. He’s comfortable in new situations and very organized and made the tour a pleasure. I can’t believe how young he is! Deepak was great! We were so fortunate to have him with his good English, local knowledge of birds and culture, and he was such a help to me personally.

Betty - On Eduardo and Colombia

The Classic Colombia tour was so wonderful. I cannot say enough about how great it was. Eduardo is/was fantastic as a guide and leader. The itinerary was also great, and he has a warm relationship with local guides and lodging hosts. I have zero complaints! An added bonus was having Giancarlo Ventolini as a driver and extra guide for much of the trip. That young man was a sweetheart, a super driver as well as a really good and knowledgeable birder. He has a lot of potential for being a bird guide in the future. I wish you could see how well we all got on. I thank you for allowing a tour with only two participants. We four became good friends and had so much fun together. Honestly, with the difference in ages, it was not expected. I am old enough to be mother to Eduardo and Anne, and a grandmother to Giancarlo. Yet we truly had a blast! You do have a treasure in Eduardo as your employee. He made the tour perfect for me. I hope to do another trip with him in the future. Good birding!

Bev - On Dylan and South Africa

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend at Ezemvelo. Great company, good weather and Dylan. What a good guide that young man is!!! He certainly knows his birds, and tries very hard to make everyone happy. He really goes out of his way. He’s such a gentleman, he’s going to go far. By the way four adults and one Blue Crane chick were seen on the weekend. Also a Black Stork, which Dylan was so pleased to see, and a couple of Honey Buzzards

Bev and Terrie - On Dylan

Our trip was wonderful! Dylan was great. Top notch birder and guide. Patient, kind, thoughtful, understanding. Best birding ears ever! He found us so many great birds! My count is 430, more than I had expected for the entire trip! Great views as well. He worked hard to get the birds and get us in position for photos. My best decision was hiring Birding Ecotours.

Bill - On Andy and Borneo

The birds were spectacular (of course) and both Andy, our Birding Ecotours leader, and our local guide, were excellent in their ability to find and show birds and to shepherd our group.

Bill - On Andy and Sri Lanka

Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic time I had on my custom Sri Lanka birding tour. Everything went flawlessly thanks to Andy’s preparation, and his knowledge and passion for the birds was infectious and made it great fun. Our local guide, Lester, was as passionate, and was expert in locating the birds and sharing his knowledge of the country. The food and lodging were great, and we became good friends as well as birding buddies, and I would recommend Sri Lanka as a, safe, friendly place to bird. Andy’s trip report is on the website. Birding Ecotours ran a wonderful tour, and I will use their services again for our next trip.

Bill - On Cape Town and Beyond Birding Tour

This tour provided an excellent and thorough overview of the birds of the western Cape, as well as its unique habitats. We were lucky enough to see several species that are nomadic, and were found this year due to good rainfall. Highly recommended.

Bill - On Dom

Dominic Rollinson was an excellent guide. His knowledge of the area and the birds was top notch! He was also a good person to be around during the tour and provided for the group quite well.

Bill - On Eduardo and Argentina

My trip to Argentina was amazing! We always see huge numbers of species on Birding Ecotours trips, and this one was no exception. Add to that the scenery in the Andes, among the most spectacular anywhere; meanwhile, accommodations, arrangements, and guiding were fully up to Birding Ecotours’ usual standards. Eduardo is a great guide, always watching out for our welfare as well as finding the birds, and Diego was one of the more knowledgeable – and friendly – local guides we have had in years. As my trip focused on the northwest, I look forward to visiting the rest of this wonderful country soon.

Bill - On Namibia

We toured Namibia in a private group of six people through Birding Ecotours in 2010. Our group was rather diverse, with birding desires ranging from obsessive to casual and including a wildlife photographer. The range of interests could have led to issues, but we all were very satisfied with the trip. We not only had great birding results, thoroughly satisfying the more bird-oriented among us, but also had unforgettable experiences viewing mammals to the delight of the entire group. The tour was well-organized and well-executed, we had plenty of information in advance, the arrangements took account of our special needs, accommodations and transportation were excellent, and the price was quite reasonable. We were delighted with the trip and look forward to our next adventure (already booked!) with Birding Ecotours.

Bill - On Subtropical South Africa

This was an eventful tour, with a rapid pace. It covered a diverse array of habitats across eastern South Africa, and therefore we saw a lot of species. We were lucky enough to see leopards and wild dogs in Kruger National Park, a variety of larks and other grassland birds, two flufftail species, and many others. I had never been to Africa before, and this tour provided me with a great overview of the eastern half of the country, its environments, and its birds.

Bo - On Chris and Birding Ecotours

What do you most need in a guide and a tour company? Some would say trustworthy arrangements that yet stay flexible to the needs of the individual birder, some would say someone who can find you the target birds and others might say an all-rounder who combines birding knowledge, great communications skills and organisational ability. Birding Ecotours and its owner/operator Chris Lotz tick all the boxes! I’ve birded with Chris and travelled with the company and asked them to arrange tours for others, and Chris has come up trumps every time. I value my own integrity too much to give endorsements unless I have personal experience that truly warrants it. I recommend Chris Lotz and Birding Ecotours!

Bob - On Dylan

Having been on a tour with Dylan previously, we knew were in for a treat with his knowledge of the bird species, landscape and eagerness to see the birds, and we were not disappointed. EXCELLENT scope work as well made for a most memorable experience.

Bob - On Ghana

The entire trip was wonderful! Certainly the White-necked Rockfowl was one of the most amazing birds along with the standard-winged Nightjar! The search and viewing of the Nkulengu Rail was very much a highlight! Our visits to the Kakum National Park and the Ankasa Reserve were rich and exciting!

Bob and Terrie - On Andy and Thailand

We spent three weeks with Andy in Thailand and enjoyed the trip thoroughly. Andy worked so hard to find the birds, and get us on them. He was very patient and took the time we needed. He knew all the best places to go, knew what birds would be expected, identified them in an instant and still managed to find some pretty good rarities along with the known birds, Himalayan Cutia anyone? And we spent literally hours getting great looks at Spoon-billed Sandpiper. Andy got us very close without disturbing the birds or any other birders. It was a highlight of the trip. We are hoping to see Andy in York later this year for a days birding on his home patch!

Bryan - On Dylan

Dylan is just what you want in a guide - excellent eyes and ears, quick with the scope, knows just where the specialties are found in each site. He knows multiple sites well and that allowed us to modify our day in real time to not waste time driving when the remaining hours in the day were running short. He is a super nice guy as well, I really enjoyed spending the day with him.

Chad - On Andy and Bali

Andy provided an amazing 1-day tour around Bali. He knows every bird and where to find the key treasures. Loved spending the day with Andy and looking forward to more birding trips with him.

Charles - On Andy

Andy Walker is one of the best, good-natured birding guides who has served me on 42 guided tours. He makes
certain that everyone in the group has seen each bird and keeps at it until that happens. The two Indonesian tours I took with Andy immediately before this one was excellent and I was able to meet my goals of seeing the last three bird families of all 248 (eBird/Clements list) and to see half of all bird species. Andy has my highest recommendation to other birders – he will serve you well!

Charles - On Andy and Sulawesi and Halmahera

Andy Walker is a truly exceptional guide. His ready knowledge of both the local and worldwide birds is phenomenal.
Andy is a very kind, helpful guide who repeatedly went out of his way to help all of us on the tour. I would bird again
with him and, in fact, that's just what I'm doing right now, as I'm in Manokwari, W. Papua for the start of another tour
with him. Andy has my highest recommendation.

Charles - On Eduardo

Eduardo Ormaeche impressed me in a way few guides ever have. He leads tours in the most densely concentrated birding countries in the world. His encyclopedic knowledge of literally thousands of birds was really something to marvel at. Add to that his ability to find birds and his overall endearing personality and it all adds up to one of the best guides we've ever had. He made our trip very special.

Charles - on Eduardo and Colombia

Birding Ecotours took us on a whirlwind tour of southern Colombia that we will not soon forget. We asked for and immediately received modifications to the standard tour that met the needs of our group. The staff at Birding Ecotours quickly and happily adjusted the tour to allow one couple to exit early and allowed for an extension for the rest of us. Our guide, Eduardo Ormaeche, and his assistants made us feel comfortable and safe while finding an amazing variety of birds. Away from the incredible birding, the food, lodging, transportation, and general service was outstanding. We have done a fair amount of world traveling and we all agreed this trip ranks in the top four of any we have taken. Well done Birding Ecotours and we will use you again without reservation.

Chris - On Andy and West Papua

Andy, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for everything on our recent trip to West Papua. The whole schedule ran like clockwork and we were extremely well looked after - not an easy feat in that part of the world and a real testament to the effort and skill demonstrated by you and the whole team in Papua. It also goes without saying that the birdlife was spectacular and exceeded expectations with the quality of some of our sightings. Thanks again for your hard work and I look forward to hopefully joining you on another tour in the future!

Chuck - On Andy and Australia

The species and geographic coverage on this Darwin-centered tour were excellent. Andy is a truly great guide who is adamant about getting everyone on every bird with their bins. He has a delightful sense of humor, is culturally broad-minded and sympathetic to a wide variety of participants' limitations. His knowledge of the tour birds was phenomenal as well.

Claudia - On Andy and Borneo

This trip was amazing. This is my second trip with Andy, and he is absolutely amazing. His knowledge and birding skills are extraordinary, and he’s so committed to getting all his tour group a good view of all species possible. He also deals with difficult situations and keeps the group on an even footing. A very professional young man! He was invisibly but constantly working to take care of the eBird lists, lodgings, transportation, schedules and all details that made the trip as seamless as possible.

Claudia - On Andy and Iceland

Our small group had a great trip birding Iceland with Andy Walker. Andy’s knowledge, tenacity, organizational skills, patience and fun personality allowed us to maximize this opportunity to see every possible bird within our range. Because of Andy’s scientific knowledge as well as field skills I learned a great deal. His enthusiasm kept us going even when the weather attempted to dampen and freeze mine! Iceland is an awesome country and Ecotours did a great job of arranging an itinerary that provided excellent food and lodging along the way. Very well organized. I’d go with this company and guide again!

Colin - On Dylan and Johannesburg day tours

A brilliant day out with an exceptionally brilliant guide (Dylan), in some beautiful places, with some amazing birds - perfect.

Daniel - On Dom

Dom was AMAZING! He went above and beyond the call of duty. Even after the tour had finished. We would like to thank Dom SO MUCH. Professional, friendly, kind, highly skilled, organised, patient, generous, enthusiastic, humble, gracious, knowledgeable, wonderful with people, high in ethic, positive, I could go on and on. We were very fortunate indeed to have him guide us and we would go birding with Dom again in a heartbeat. Please pass on our sincere and abundant THANKS!  

Daniel - On South Africa

We had one of the very best months of our lives travelling through South Africa with Birding Ecotours. It was a dream come true! Thank you sooooo much for enabling and supporting us to have such a MAGNIFICENT trip. Words cannot express our gratitude and love of this trip. We will remember it for the rest of our lives. The major highlights were Cape Town (so beautiful!) and the Western Cape, Wilderness, St Lucia and Wakkerstroom. The place we stayed in St Lucia was exceptional! The presentation of the meals and the care we received in St Lucia, it was one of the very best places we have ever stayed in anywhere. The attention to detail was utterly exquisite! The birds, the mammals, the many amazing creatures, the stunning and varied land itself, everything was an utter JOY! We are so deeply touched by and in love with South Africa. May we have the privilege of returning again one day. The days are long and full, so we slept soundly! The organization, the superb guides, the ethic, the beautiful accommodation, the wonderful meals, it’s all brilliant. THANK YOU all! You do a wonderful job creating all this for us and the time, care, energy and patience that goes into all this is phenomenal! AAA++++

Daniel - on Dom and Cape mammal tours

Dom was an excellent guide for the day and was very knowledgeable about the Cape's fauna. He was excellent company for the day, and I really enjoyed talking to him about wildlife and conservation, as we scanned through various habitat types searching for birds and mammals.

Danny - On Dylan

Dylan takes care of each person individually taking into account fitness and physical ability to ensure all of the group
see as many birds as possible. He is a great character and an extremely capable guide with a vast knowledge of the
birds and their calls.

David - On Subtropical South Africa

For birders wishing to explore a wide variety of habitats, from Kruger National Park to a range of wetlands and ascent to Lesotho via the Sani Pass, this tour offers a wonderful birding experience with some 400+ species to be encountered. The itinerary has been very well thought-out and gives participants maximum opportunity to see a great range of species in a relatively short time.

David - on Dylan

Dylan's tremendous expertise in finding and identifying bird species, together with his extensive knowledge regarding where to find particular species and his patience in helping each participant find each of the key birds in a particular area were key factors in making this tour such a success. The early (4.30 am) starts were greatly enhanced by the provision of plunger coffee and biscuits from our guide, which certainly smoothed the path to our engagement with the birds of the day. Dylan's passion for birds, and for the environment in which we travelled further added to our enjoyment of the tour. Clearly Dylan has had considerable input into the itinerary for the tour and always gave a comprehensive preview of the following day's birding activities – including key species – at our evening meetings. Dylan's good humour and ability to relate on a personal level with all tour participants, together with his impressive expertise in all aspects of the tour, including long-distance driving further added to our enjoyment of the tour.

David and Barbara - On the Lesser Sunda Islands

For anyone interested in the extraordinary diversity of Indonesian birds, this tour provides a wonderful opportunity to see the many endemic species on six of the islands of the Lesser Sundas. Thorough research and planning by Birding Ecotours will enable participants to see many, if not all of the endemic birds of each island and at a relatively relaxed pace.

David and Joyce - On Jacob and Alaska

We would recommend this trip to anyone interested in Alaska birding. Jacob was very knowledgeable and helpful.
He took his time with us Ohio people that had never seen many of the birds there. The sites and road trips were well
chosen and worthwhile.

Jacob was well prepared and extremely knowledgeable about the birds and the locations where they could be found.
His exceptional eyesight and hearing were great aids to us, since we could not hear some of the birds due to our poor
hearing. He took a lot of time to point out birds so that everyone in the party had plenty of chances to view them.

Debra - On Jacob

Jacob is an excellent birder and has great people skills. Both are needed in a good guide. He knew his stuff and put up with all the joking but was serious when it came to the birds. Would definitely tour with him again.

Derek - On Dom

Dom was fantastic. He is such a nice person and though this was only his second trip to Uganda, his enthusiasm
made up for his less refined experience with all the vocalizations. He has a nice pace, in general does a very good
job keeping an eye out for any problems his clients are having, and does a great job of getting everyone on the birds.

Diane - On Jacob and Hawaii

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone that is interested in seeing Hawaii’s native birds on these beautiful islands. One of my favorites was the endangered Akiapolaau, referred to as Aki by our guides, which we saw in a restricted area by permit on the island of Hawaii. The Hawaiian name means “hammerhead,” because the Aki uses the shorter, lower half of it’s mandible to drill into tree trunks like a woodpecker for sap or insects, while the extended, curved upper half operates like a hook to extract the food. During our day spent exploring the restricted area for Hawaii’s endemic birds, three non-endemic (two males and one female) Kalij Pheasants walked across the path right in front of me. I also loved the fantastic coastal views where we observed Red-tailed, White-tailed, and Red-billed Tropicbirds, Red-Footed and Brown Boobies, and Great Frigatebirds, as well as spouting and breaching Humpback whales. I also enjoyed the opportunity to see Laysan Albatross nesting and walking around an upscale neighborhood, and Bristle-thighed Curlews perched in the cemetery from the golf course.

Our guides, Jacob and Mandy, were a great team! This was my second tour with Jacob and I was very impressed with his knowledge of the endemic birds of Hawaii. He is very personable and his birding skills are excellent. Mandy is also very personable and an excellent birder. She shared her extensive knowledge of Hawaii, the endemic birds, their habitat and the dangers they are facing.

Don - On Uganda

Superb birds, magnificent animals; brilliant guide; excellent driver and local guide. Friendly local people. Fascinating countryside. Great team.

Donna and Allen - On Andy and Australia

We loved traveling with Andy. Thanks to Andy’s birding and organization skills, this trip exceeded our expectations. Andy is an excellent bird guide and tour leader! His knowledge of the birds, their songs, habitats, and ability to locate birds was amazing. We all appreciated his ability to make sure that we all saw good views of the birds.

Eric - On Uganda

Not only did we see a huge number of bird species (between 450 and 500 for all trip participants), but we also had amazing close encounters with Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees and other Africa wildlife. Murchison Falls was astonishing finale to the trip.

Frances - On Dom and Uganda

Dom is a fabulous guide! He is patient, attentive to details, & always wiling to answer questions. He’s extremely knowledgeable about birds, their songs, the differences between different species, and if he doesn’t know the bird as well as he would like, he asked directed questions to Harriet. Harriet and Dom worked very well together. He was a delight to bird with, and I will gladly go on another trip with him.
The local guides that we used in a variety of places were most excellent as well. They knew the birds & bird songs in their area; also they were very attentive when we struggled to make it up or down a hill by lending a hand. I find over all the Ugandan people that we ran into friendly helpful and eager to have us come back to their country.

Hanno - On Vietnam and Andy

The entire tour was very well run. Accommodation was generally more than adequate and I think we generally had the best accommodation available in the more remote places. Food too was generally very good, again given the fact that we were often far away from larger towns. The birding, the most important part, was fabulous!!! We saw almost all the target species, and both guides were very good on getting us on the birds. Overall, a tour I would rate very highly and would have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend. Andy is an all around nice guy who really took care of the entire group. Always willing to help, not just with getting onto the birds, but also with all the other requests our small group had. I like his style and I would certainly book another tour if he was the tour leader.

Hume - On Andy and India

The 2016 Northern India Birding Ecotours trip was everything I had hoped for and more. As a novice both when it came to Asian birds and Indian travel, the trip couldn’t have been better. Andy Walker, our guide, was brilliant at finding the expected birds and some amazing rarities and getting us good looks. I managed close to 400 lifers combined with Fatehpur Sikri, the Taj Mahal, some fascinating glimpses of rural India and a spectacular time in the Himalayan foothills. Our driver, van, train travel and hotels were all comfortable and worked like clockwork. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime.

Ira - On Dylan and India

Highlights of the Western Ghata and Nilgiri tour included seeing the regional endemic bird species such as Nilgiri Blue Robin, White-bellied Blue Robin, Black-and-orange Flycatcher, Malabar Whistling Thrush, Crimson-backed Sunbird, Sri Lanka Frogmouth, Sri Lanka Bay Owl, giant squirrels and Asian Elephants. The local cuisine was also a highlight! Dylan was friendly and professional with a good sense of humour. He knew when to be intense, when to lighten up on the birding and was always cordial. Dylan was never demeaning when answering questions. Our local guides were excellent, especially in Thattekad and Masinagudi.

Ira - On Dylan and Uganda

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The birding was intense but fun. There was a relaxed atmosphere despite the intense birding. My partner, a birding novice, loved the trip. We did the optional gorilla and chimp trekking – both well worth doing. Dylan was great. He made sure all went smoothly. He was attentive to all our needs. He’s a superb birder with a great knowledge-base of sounds and a sharp keen eye.

Ira - On Papua New Guinea, New Britain and Andy

‘Exceptional experience in seeing the many birds-of-paradise and other rarities seen in PNG and New Britain. Andy was a very good guide – organized, patient and did his best to see ensure all participants could see the birds.’

Jackson - On Dom

Dom was an amazing guide! He was friendly, kind, and funny while also being incredibly knowledgeable, working nonstop to both guide and keep accurate bird lists, and tolerated an endless stream of questions and misidentifications with the patience of a saint.

Jacques and Elzine - On Eduardo and Brazil

Dear Chris, Thank you for your interest in the outcome of our tour. It is not possible to answer you in one note, so I will try to do so in a few ‘to the point’ remarks. Yes, the trip met all our expectations, and more! We saw and experienced the Cerrado, the Amazon forest, even better than previously at Tambopata, and the Pantanal with its amazing variety and volume of wildlife. For me the sight of a Hyacinth Macaw, which drew me to the Pantanal, already made it worthwhile. Then, of course, come the excellent sightings of the Jaguars and the Otters and then all the birds for which Eduardo made special efforts to find for his goals. In the Cerrado we stayed in an excellent farm-lodge where we were lucky to experience the sighting of the Maned Wolf and the Burrowing Owl (which was on Elzine’s bucket list), apart from a number of colourful specials like the Motmot and Jacamar. In the Amazon we were also very lucky to find another of Elzine’s target species, the Anaconda, and also another member of South America’s big five, the Tapir. We had an excellent session of forest birding on one of the towers where we could really appreciate the advantages of our private tour which, we think, was good value for the additional cost. Together with the Cristalino guide we had the tower for ourselves, and with an excellent guide like Eduardo also with us, we experienced a feast of good sightings. On EDUARDO: It was a pleasure to travel with him again and having him as a guide who showed his expertise even in the presence of other local guides. It is good to hear that he also enjoyed our company. In summary, we came back as very satisfied customers of Birding Ecotours and wish to thank you and Lynn for the opportunity to experience the Heart of Brazil.

James - On Dylan

Dylan and his assistant, Luke Safford, worked tremendously hard to help us identify and see as many of the South African birds and wildlife as possible on the trip. Both these guys were extremely knowledgeable and, more importantly, un-endingly patient with those of us that had not taken the "birding" aspect of the trip that seriously and came on the trip with the idea of just having a good time and seeing whatever wildlife was offered. Dylan's professionalism, knowledge, patience, work ethic, and just plain old sense of humor made the whole trip a wonderful time. He did a GREAT job.

James - On Dylan and South Africa

This tour is obviously geared towards a fairly knowledgeable birder. I admit that I did not adequately prepare for this trip. But Dylan and his assistant, Luke Safford, worked tremendously hard to help us identify and see as many of the South African birds and wildlife as possible on the trip. Both these guys were extremely knowledgeable and, more importantly, un-endingly patient with those of us that had not taken the "birding" aspect of the trip that seriously and came on the trip with the idea of just having a good time and seeing whatever wildlife was offered. Dylan's professionalism, knowledge, patience, work ethic, and just plain old sense of humor made the whole trip a wonderful time. He did a GREAT job.

Janice - On Andy and Australia

Andy is a superb guide with a wonderful knowledge of birds and where to find them. He is enthusiastic and keen, great company and a real pleasure to bird with. Our Australian trip was very successful in terms of sightings and also really enjoyable. Andy played a big part in that with his superb organisation, excellent birding skills, easy-going nature and positive attitude. I would happily join Andy on a birding trip again and hope to be able to do so later this year!

Janice - On Jacob and Hawaii

Jacob and Mandy were an excellent team who guided us through the mountains, forests and shores, as well and urban areas of Oahu, Kauai and Hawaii. Both guides knew their birds well. Mandy, our local guide, was very swift to identify calls and knows the habitats of many endangered endemic birds. She also knows individual birds and their histories. Both guides made sure we all saw the birds we were looking for each trip. The scopes came out quickly and there was often enough time to snap a cell phone photo through the scope. Jacob has an amazing grasp of names and places and did an excellent job of compiling our E bird lists. They tour guides informed us each night before of the coming schedule which was very helpful. They worked seamlessly together and we benefited from their camaraderie. Hotel, food, transportation, side trips – all were excellent. This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip for me. I am grateful to all involved for providing such an exceptional tour.

Jay - On Andy and Australia

Andy Walker is one of the truly exceptional guides in the world of birding. His skill at hearing and then finding birds is amazing. Couple this with an innate sense of getting his clients into the best possible position to both see and photo the given bird elevates him from "competent" to "top notch." I have been with Andy twice and intend to search him out again.

Jay - On Birding Ecotours

I have birded with Birding Ecotours since 2004. As I stated in my first web trip report of Southern South Africa that I thought you were one of the most competent guides I had ever birded with and that Birding Ecotours was an extremely professional organization in every way. In 2013, after birding with you a dozen times in 8 countries (and more this April and June) my opinions are now cast in concrete. Your ear and ability to co-ordinate the sounds with species is unsurpassed. You are decisive and a lot of fun to travel with which, in my opinion, are qualities essential in a top guide. You and Nadia organize trips meticulously and show truly sound judgment in your choices of routes, lodging and transportation arrangements. As you know, I ask a lot of questions and have always received thoughtful and timely answers. I have never been left feeling neglected in any way. I’ve been asked many time by birding friends all over the world for recommendations, and Birding Ecotours is always my first choice in Africa. I don’t doubt that our coming trips to Asia and the Caribbean will be equally productive and fun.

Jean - On Dom and South Africa

My sister and I used one of our 2 and a half days in Cape Town to do a birding tour of the Peninsula including the Cape of Good Hope. I had great communication with our guide, Dom, before the tour and he picked us up right on time at our hotel. It was an excellent day. Dom is very knowledgeable and good company. It turned out he was at Magee Marsh in Ohio the same time I was this year! The weather was glorious and we got to see lots of SA endemics plus a Humpback Whale and a lifer sewage pond! I would recommend Birding Ecotours and Dom Rollinson to anyone birding in South Africa.

Jean and Tim - On Eduardo and Costa Rica

I would highly recommend Birding Ecotours. We had a friend join us on this tour who was not necessarily a birder at the start f the trip and by the, she was a great spotter and completely hooked on birding. Eduardo was fantastic; patient, knowledgeable, informative, had infectious enthusiasm, was flexible and fun. We have been on two trips with Eduardo and enjoyed him very much. We would definitely like to do another trip with him.

Jeff - On Eduardo

Eduardo is such a professional. Always working tirelessly to find and identify the birds. Has great rapport with his clients. Constantly making sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time. If you have a trip planned and you can get Eduardo to be your primary guide you are going to enjoy every minute!

Jeff - On Eduardo and Colombia

This tour was a blast. The guiding was exceptional. Whether it was our primary guide Eduardo, our drivers, or all the local guides that were helping along the way, they all had one thing in mind, pleasing the customers. Accommodations were very nice and the food was fantastic. We saw over 430 species of birds. We also saw Pink River Dolphins and Andean Bear. Such a great trip!!

Jillian - On Andy and New Zealand

This is a fantastic tour. The birds, scenery, mammals, other wildlife, pelagic tours, lodging, and food were all beyond compare. The guides were extraordinary in their knowledge and consideration. I highly recommend this tour for all bird and nature lovers. Andy is wonderful. His consideration and kindness were above and beyond. He is very knowledgeable, and he ensured that I enjoyed the best possible views of the birds and the other wildlife as well. His patience and good humor made this the most pleasant trip.

Jim - On Dom

Dom and Harriet definitely know their African birds, along with their status and distribution. Their familiarity with
vocalizations helped a great deal as well.
Dom is quite affable and displayed a calm demeanor and even temper throughout, treating everyone (not just clients)
with equal courtesy and respect. I appreciate that he went over Birding Ecotours group rules/expectations at the
beginning (e.g., rotating locations on the bus and trails).

Jim - On Eduardo and Colombia

I feel that our trip to Colombia was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding bird tours I have ever been on. You did an excellent job of planning, guiding and looking after the logistics on the tour. Colombia is a pleasure to travel in with very friendly people, excellent roads and pleasant, clean accommodation. Even the more basic places were comfortable, clean and quiet. Santa Marta is a wonderful place with plentiful birds and fantastic scenery. Rio Blanco was my favorite part of the tour with the antpittas and Ocellated Tapaculo at my feet. Otun Quimbaya with Red-ruffed Fruitcrows as yard birds was also a very enjoyable. In all parts of the country I never felt at risk. Colombia is now a safe, rewarding country to travel in. I can hardly wait to return.

John - On Cape Town and Beyond Birding Tour

Highlights were the days in the Karoo – stunning landscape and some great birds. It was lovely to stay in such a remote farm property with such friendly hosts – I felt we were seeing some of the real South Africa.

John - On Dom

Dom is a great guide – very good birder and very good at keeping the group together and cheerful given the different interests and birding abilities. Very calm as well when the odd thing didn’t go to plan.

John - On Eduardo and Peru

Peru was extraordinary!!!!!! My to do list includes a message to Eduardo with some images that we captured and a tally of the last day’s birds seen with Dennis near Lima, so he can prepare a complete trip report. Wil and I completed our tally while he was still here visiting after our trip and it came in at a staggering 430+ species seen, and a trip total of 460 species either seen or heard by the Taylor brothers. Your guys delivered BIG TIME on this trip, with three stellar guides and nearly flawless logistics, including two excellent drivers as well. Can’t thank you enough, Chris. Eduardo, as you no doubt already know, was top notch. It was tough saying good bye to him and Raul when they dropped us at the Cusco airport. We could not have had a better guide/driver combo for the core of the trip. Wil and I have never hesitated to recommend you and BE to our acquaintances, and we now know that our unconditional recommendation can be extended to your Peruvian office as well. Thanks a million for your help in getting the Peru trip arranged. We’ll be in touch. I attach a photo of satisfied customers with their weary guide near the lower end of the Manu Road, with the Rio Union in the background. For my part, the tour with you was the best overall of all the tours we’ve taken; most memorable, rewarding, and enjoyable.

John - On Guyana

A superb tour in a lovely friendly and relaxed country, with lovely accommodation, two brilliant guides and birding in excellent habitats; the time allocation was good and made best use of our time in the country

John - On Jacob

Jacob was extremely well informed, considerate of the personal needs of each participant, and resourceful at finding and showing participants target birds. The trip was well-paced, kept on schedule, and went well. Not a moment was wasted. The places we stayed were excellent and close to the areas where we birded. We saw an incredible number and variety of warblers, went out at night to see a woodcock and a whip-or-will, and were introduced to every aspect of an exciting birding environment. I highly recommend this trip.

John - On Josh and Cape Birding Tours

I used Josh for a one-day trip to the Cape Town west coast area. Josh is an extremely knowledgeable, professional guide. His easy-going personality made the day extremely enjoyable. Josh is an eBirder and it is obvious that the skills he uses to review bird reports helps in the identification of the local birds. Great job!

John and Judy - On Portugal

My wife and I joined three friends on our first in-depth visit to Portugal. The route included birding habitats across the country from Porto to Lisbon usually with longer stays at attractive, comfortable locations close to five wineries each providing a different tasting experience. Our guides proved knowledgeable. We felt that we were not just seeing new lifers often with close knockout views (like Water Rails, Iberian Grey Shrike, and others) sometimes dramatic concentrations of birds, like Greater Flamingo (up to 1,500), White Stork (500+), Griffon Vulture, Common Cranes, migrating raptors, etc., but also felt we were learning and contributing to their protection.

John and Maggie - On Giancarlo and Colombia

Giancarlo was an excellent guide. He is very knowledgeable about the birds of Colombia and a very pleasant person to be with. He was good at seeing and hearing birds and then using the tapes to draw the birds in. It was also very good that he wasn't using a camera. We've had guides who were more focused on getting photographs for themselves rather than helping us get the photographs. We were very impressed by the sheer number of birds we saw and the range of interesting and beautiful habitats on our 2020 Best of Colombia birding tour. We really did think we were seeing the best of Colombia from a birding perspective. Giancarlo was an excellent guide and a very nice person to be with for 3 weeks. It was also very nice that there were just the three of us and we weren’t in a large group.

John and Susan - On Eduardo and Colombia

The Best of Colombia Part 2 is an excellent balanced tour with many areas of interest. If you want to see good hummingbirds, this is the tour for you. If you want to see elusive Chestnut Wood Quails do this tour. The people you meet are all kind and welcoming and the bird gardens are fantastic. After the Andes and Amazonia, Los Llanos is a welcome surprise with wonderful scenery and photo opportunities. Who doesn't want to see a bare tree decorated with scarlet ibises at sunset – almost too beautiful to believe.

Joi - On Eduardo and Costa Rica

I don't have enough positive adjectives to describe the experience! This was my third birding trip to Costa Rica and my husband's second for photography. Costa Rica is a birder's paradise and it was just exactly the trip we had hoped for! While we wanted to see birds, we wanted a more leisurely pace than the hard-core, up before dawn, push all day, to maximize the day list type of trip. Eduardo balanced our interests in seeing a variety of fabulous birds and opportunities for photos incredibly well. He and our driver, Juan Carlos, were a great team in ensuring that we traveled in comfort and never had any worries about logistics. For anyone interested in both birding and wildlife photography I highly recommended this trip! And I can't wait to see more of Central and Southern America with Eduardo to see more birds!

Joyce and Bill - On Jacob and Maine

Every aspect of this tour was great. First of all, you must have cornered the market on great young tour guides, because Jacob was wonderful. Obviously an excellent birder, he was patient with us over 70 crowd members (we teased him about nobody over 70 ever again), enthusiastic and had a great sense of humor. He is very easy to be around, making all feel comfortable. Of course, the pelagic trip was, for us, the high point. We would suggest that you make the trip to Vinalhaven a regular part of the tour, and add Captain John Drury a must. He was a real character, and took special pains to make sure we saw all that we could see...even the Red-billed Tropicbird. And the trip up Mt. Washington was so very interesting, with all the vegetation changes as the altitude changed. AND we got the Bicknell's Thrush! Maine, from the mountains to the sparkling waters perfectly describes this tour, as it encompassed a wide variety of habitat and birds. Definitely a must if you want to see some hard-to-get species.

Judith - On Dylan

Kind, friendly and unassuming, it took a bit for me to realize that Dylan Vasapolli, who seems quite young to one of my generation, is an incredibly good birder. He found birds most often by ear, and later I came to find out he is described as having the "golden ear" by his colleagues. But he patiently made every effort to get each group member on every bird, especially the endemics and target birds. His tireless enthusiasm was infectious, and gave the group a sense of enjoyable cooperation and togetherness. He also made very good coffee and biscuits for us in the field each morning! He was an excellent group leader. Dylan is like the friend you want to go birding with, and I hope I have the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Judith - On South Africa

The most memorable moment was sunset at Nasemani dam; the red African sun was setting in the wide open horizon, and many of the animals and birds came to the water for a quiet final drink of the day. It was magical. Other memorable moments were the resounding dawn choruses, looking for the fluff tail, sitting by the pond at Zenzele Lodge and watching the birds construct nests. I think it's interesting as an enthusiastic lister that my most memorable moments were not ticking a particular bird, but the opportunity to quietly appreciate being a part of their lives. That incomparable experience took a lot of effort, organizing and experience to share with us, and I am very appreciative to Dylan and Birding Ecotours for it.

Judith - On South Africa and Dylan

I have been fortunate to have been on many birding tours, and this was undoubtedly the best. The depth of experience, knowledge and birding skill of our guide Dylan Vasapolli was absolutely outstanding; and combined with his enthusiasm and kindness to every group member it made for a wonderful tour. The group size was small, which had many benefits. The depth of Birding Ecotour's experience in Africa shown thru in the choice of birding locations, meals and lodgings. These were usually quiet and less travelled, but excellent and filled with character, with a full compliment of birds and other animals nearby. We often felt as if we had these magical places to ourselves. The birds were overwhelming at times, and the bird list organization by family was helpful as we got great looks at all the target endemics – take a look at the bird list!

Karen - On Eduardo and Costa Rica

I loved all properties on the Costa Rica Escape tour in January 2019 – small family run establishments in lovely grounds. Accommodation at Savegre was very good and the best in the area. We had a 12-seater van for one couple along with our guide Eduardo and driver Ricardo, who drove excellently and we felt safe. Our guide Eduardo, is funny and friendly, and has an amazing knowledge of all wildlife. He is great company! Highlights of the tour included Resplendent Quetzal, Snowcap and the structure of the tour.

Karen and Wendy - On Dom and Svalbard

I don’t think we could have had a better time or been more pleased with Dominic Rollinson on our Oceanwide Arctic Cruise this past June. We had a wonderful time touring in South Africa with Dom last year and were eagerly anticipating this trip and Dom did not disappoint!
Dom is the consummate birding guide. He has an absolute command of where the birds are, how they behave, actually finding them, and getting us great looks of them! Dom is very organized and timely with his pre and post trip communications, which was very helpful. Dom shared the trip eBird lists, the well-written and illustrated trip report, and beautiful pictures in a timely fashion. And Dom is just a true gentleman and an absolute pleasure to be with. He is kind, considerate, easygoing, thoughtful, and has a great sense of humor.
Dom was very proactive in coming up with ways to make our arctic experience great! He suggested that we rent a vehicle for our pre-cruise time in Longyearbyen, which was a fantastic idea. And Dom maximized the vehicle rental by taking us out both the evening and morning before we boarded our cruise and we got fantastic close views of all our targets – in particular, absolutely gorgeous views of the Red Phalarope and the Arctic Fox! It was also a very relaxed way to see some local sights including the Global Seed Vault and the northernmost church in the world. Dom also spent the morning after disembarkation with us birding around Longyearbyen on foot, which was such a treat. He was very generous with his time.
We have so many great memories of Dom on the cruise ship! We felt very privileged to have Dom’s expertise available to us and we also appreciated that he graciously shared that expertise with other passengers. Dom was always cheerful and helpful whether we were on excursions, on deck looking for whatever wildlife presented itself, or whatever else we might have gotten ourselves into. I know that the ship’s guides also really appreciated Dom. I heard one of them tell another that they should always listen when Dom was talking because “You can learn so much from Dom!” We all are grateful for the huge amount of time Dom spent on deck scanning for polar bears and other wildlife, no matter what the temperature or wind conditions!
We highly recommend Dom. If you are considering a trip that Dom is leading, I would encourage you to sign up immediately – you won’t find a better guide!

Kay - On Eduardo

I’ve just returned from our custom tour with Eduardo and I want to tell you – he is a jewel! Very knowledgeable, approachable, friendly and seems to enjoy birding and helping other birders find and appreciate the birds. His guiding, listening and decorum were beyond reproach. He could many times describe where the target bird was, rather than just pointing and scaring it away. A true gentleman and very helpful when I needed help or clarification. It would be a pleasure to go again with him. He was able to find 26 lifers for me when I expected at the most 19. Now my world list total is 7466 and counting!

Keith - On Chris

I joined a custom trip, followed by an African Bird Club conservation tour, with Chris Lotz of Birding Ecotours, in November 2012. I sent Chris a wish-list and he was very quick to reply with a detailed itinerary based on the list I sent him. I got 42 lifers on this trip, which actually exceeded my expectations: with a world list of over 7000 species, it is tough for me to see new birds anywhere. Both the custom trip and the conservation trip were extremely well-organised, and the Birding Ecotours guides were superb. The African Bird Club will be doing more trips with Birding Ecotours.

Kelvin - On Andy and Sulawesi and Halmahera

"Andy is a first-rate guide; his ability to direct people on to a bird is tremendous. He is also not just a birder; on this trip we also ended up with over 100 invertebrates fully identified; great for the all-round naturalist! Always affable, and with the best interests of his clients in mind; I look forward to more trips with him in the future". Kelvin, UK.

Ken - On Andy and Australia

This is the best tour I've been on in my many years of international birding! Excellent guides, good food, great accommodations! Andy was the best guide I have ever had. Knew the birds cold, was able to call them in for photo ops, great on keeping us on schedule and getting where we needed to be, when we needed to be there. Can't say enough good things about Andy.

Kim - On Dylan and South Africa

Just a quick note today to let you know that mom (Eleanor) and I had a fantastic day with Dylan. First of all it was a great comfort to meet someone at the airport from the area who knows how to go about things. Dylan provided us with a splendid introduction day to the common bird families and antelope (plus a mongoose) at Rietvlie which was exactly what we needed after being cooped up on a plane for so long! He also capably described things about each family and then the species we were seeing. What surprised me was how knowledgeable he is about other species around the world which makes it easy for him to relate to our knowledge base. We had a splendid day talking about all sorts of things. You guys are doing everything right -Bravo! Your website came up first in a Google search and it’s very inviting which encourages an inquiry. Chris, you got back to me right away, and Dylan followed up with answers and then read perfectly what we needed. Thank you so much! I will most definitely recommend you to anyone coming to this part of Africa. Keep up the good work! Dylan, thank you! I look forward to coming back some day.

Kristine - On Andy and Iceland

Birding with Andy through western Iceland was marvelous. He’s a wealth of birding knowledge and information, down to the most minute details of all the birds we viewed. He has tremendous patience and perseverance in locating the birds, and worked hard with each individual to make sure we were satisfied with all sightings. He kept us on track and in motion, as we passed through the vast and rugged expanses of western Iceland. He has non-stop energy and a great personality. Couldn’t ask for better.

Laurie & Steve - On Eduardo

Eduardo is clearly an excellent birder. He is super friendly, well organized and made sure we all had good views of the birds.
Brayan was our local guide for several days. He is an enthusiastic, talented birder. He was excellent in finding the target birds. He also knew about great places to eat.

Laurie & Steve - On Eduardo & Colombia

We have done several trips with Birding Ecotours. As always, the tour did not disappoint, in fact, exceeded our expectations. We had previously done a tour out of Santa Marta, Colombia, so this time we wanted to see the Cali region. We did 8 days of birding, and managed to see all our target birds. Eduardo is an expert birder. He was also very organized and went out of his way to make our trip safe and fun. The local bird guides were all great additions to our trip. The accommodations were very nice and we had great meals. We loved the enthusiasm and personal attention of all the Birding Ecotours team. Birding Ecotours is a top notch birding company. We are already planning our next birding trip with Birding Ecotours.

Laurie - On Colombia

We have been on numerous Birding Ecotours trips. Each trip has been fantastic including our recent trip to Colombia. The trips are very well organized and the bird guides and drivers are excellent. On our recent seven day bird trip of the northern Colombian coast we saw numerous shore birds, birds of drier bush and birds of the Sierra Nevada mountains. We saw most of the Santa Marta endemics. We felt safe and comfortable throughout the trip.

Laurie - On Giancarlo and Colombia

Giancarlo Ventolini is an excellent bird guide. He works very hard to make sure his clients see the birds. His “people “ skills are wonderful. He is organized and goes out of his way to keep his clients comfortable and happy. I would certainly want Giancarlo to be my bird guide if I return to Colombia.

Laurie and Steve - On Dominic and Ethiopia

Our birding trip to Ethiopia was fantastic. The country is so rich in history and interesting people and customs. The birding was great! Needless to say Dominic is an expert birder. He is a warm and gracious person and we all really enjoyed his company. Our Ethiopian driver and guide, Tesfaw, was also very good. He was an experienced guide and driver. His contacts were good as were his day to day decisions. He kept our group on time and on schedule but was also flexible to our requests and needs. We rate our trip excellent (A,10/10). Thank you for all your work in arranging the trip. We appreciate all your prompt correspondences. We certainly will be using Birding Ecotours in the future. We hope to meet you in person some day.

Li - On Jacob and Alaska

The Alaska trip was a definite highlight of the year 2022 for us. It was a great way to see Alaska for us as first timers
there. Jacob, our tour guide, can not be more professional, personable, and accommodating. We felt very safe and
well taken care of with him throughout the trip. Jacob is a very accomplished birder, but also wise beyond his years in
managing the business side of the tours. We saw many species thanks to Jacob's skill at identifying birds based on
sound and sight, and truly enjoyed learning and sharing his passion about birding. The trip was well planned, with
many different terrain and scenery. We got to experience the beautiful Old Dinali highway, which seems like a perfect
hidden gem. The lodging and food was modest but comfortable. Being neighbors of nesting swallows and falling
asleep to their murmurs was so peaceful. Seeing nests with babies were also highlights. The whole trip was very
relaxing with little amount of exertion beside about 3 miles of daily walking, making the trip very accessible to most.
We are quite inexperienced birders but did not feel that the trip was too advanced, instead feeling inspired to do more
birding in the future. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.

Liam - On Dylan and South Africa

I just wanted to email and say how much I enjoyed the day yesterday in and around Suikerbosrand – Dylan was a fantastic guide, unbelievably knowledgeable, very helpful (and patient!) and good company. We saw much more than I expected, and the flufftail was the icing on the cake! I would go out of my way to recommend you guys and Dylan in particular – thanks again for a thoroughly enjoyable day. I will be in touch when I return to South Africa – even if just to set eyes on that pesky grass owl. . .!

Linda - On Dylan

Dylan is an excellent guide, with great birding skills, a willingness to assist less able birders and ability to track down the hard-to-spot species. He is also a lot of fun and a very nice person.

Linda - On Dylan and South Africa

We went out to Marievale with Dylan to (re)connect with some South African birds after some years away from SA. It was a wonderful experience. Dylan was charming, helpful and incredibly knowledgeable about the birds. We saw over 50 species in a morning and learned a lot about the birds. We would highly recommend Birding Ecotours for an excellent birding experience.

Lisl - On Andy and India

I had an awesome two weeks’ trip in northern India in January 2016 with Andy Walker of Birding Ecotours. Total bird species seen by the group was 401. Highly recommended for life birds, collecting bird families and beautiful scenery. Some highlights included: Hill Partridge, Painted Spurfowl, Koklass and Cheer Pheasants, Black Bittern, Himalayan Vulture, Sarus Crane, Barred Buttonquail, Ibisbill, Pheasant-tailed Jacana, Indian Courser, Painted Sandgrouse, Sirkeer Malkoha, Crested Treeswift, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Himalayan Flameback, Collared Falconet with prey (Cinereous Tit), Chestnut-headed Tesia, Striated Laughingthrush, White-rumped Shama, White-tailed Rubythroat, Golden Bush Robin, Brown Dipper, Pink-browed Rosefinch, Crested Bunting and Altai Accentor. The group total also included 10 owls and 17 woodpeckers, all seen.

Lisl - On Birding Ecotours

Birding Ecotours company and SA office staff I can highly recommend booking a trip through Birding Ecotours South Africa. The Birding Ecotours staff is professional, the e-mail responses fast and all questions receive detail replies. Chris Lotz of Birding Ecotours forwarded excellent advice to me on how to start world birding, which countries to visit in order to find a high number of birds over a short period and which bird book(s) to use for a country. Birding Ecotours’ newsletters provide further information on upcoming trips, details on areas (e.g. East African birding), on target birds per trip, as well as regarding birding books available for countries or areas. Trip reports (forwarded upon request) allow one to mentally prepare regarding number of possible birds, endemics per country and difficulty or travel time of a trip. The Birding Ecotours’ Facebook postings include snippets from current trips with photos as well as spaces available on future trips. The single supplement for Birding Ecotours’ trips is in most cases lower than other tour companies, which makes for safe as well as affordable travelling.

Lisl - On Eduardo and Peru

Birding Peru for the first time in July 2012 with Eduardo, a professional and very knowledgeable local Peru guide, ensured a smooth, safe and hassle-free trip filled with south Peruvian endemics such as Junin Canastero, White-bellied Cinclodes, Great Inca-Finch and Inca Wren. Eduardo, with the assistance of Raul, were quick to spot birds and ensured that all in the group got onto the birds as fast as possible. While birding, Eduardo also enlightened and amused us with his vast knowledge of birds and other fauna of the area. At the end of each day Eduardo assisted the group to complete a list of birds seen and heard for the day. A briefing each evening prepared participants on what to expect the next day. The accommodation was clean and safe, even in off-the-beaten-track areas. I can highly recommend the Birding Ecotours bird guide in Peru.

Luis and Belen - On Finland

Finland for bird photography: About Finland I can tell you that we had very good opportunities to take photos. We got superb photos of species such as Western Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Hazel Grouse, Great Grey Owl, Ural Owl, Northern Hawk Owl, Pygmy-Owl, Short-eared Owl, Common Goldeneye, Whooper Swan, Common Crane, Parrot Crossbill, Red-flanked Blue-tail, Rustic Bunting, Red-breasted Merganser, Red-necked Grebe, Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit, Willow Tit, Honey-buzzard, Temminck’s Stint, Common Redshank, Baltic and Little Gulls, Eurasian Jackdaw, Hooded Crow, Arctic Tern, Common Cuckoo, Three-toed Woodpecker and Pied Flycatcher. We also take nice photos of Dotterel, Black-throated Diver, Ruff, Sedge and Icterine Warblers, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Fieldfare, Eurasian Wryneck, Common Redpoll and some other birds. We missed Terek Sandpiper (we saw it but we can’t take any photos) but another group took very good photos of it before we arrived to the place where the bird was. To me, it has been an excellent trip to take photographs, plenty of good chances. Undoubtedly it has been the best trip I have made ever in Europe from this point of view.

Luke - On Dylan

Dylan led the tour group with aplomb, never wavering from a patient and gracious demeanor. His knowledge of the birds and wildlife of the region was excellent. As a fellow leader I was impressed and it was easy to trust him in all situations.

Luke - On South Africa and Dylan

There were so many highlights, but having Dylan as our guide and the caring and patient way he led the tour with such expertise on the bird life was really a pleasure to experience. It's funny to write, but drinking coffee and enjoying "eet-sum-mor" shortbread biscuits in Dullstroom with Yellow-breasted Pipits and African Snipe flying by was a standout experience. Of course, Kruger was amazing. Ending at Zenzele is a tremendous way to close out the tour. The pelagic boat was a little small for my liking…but I'm not that great out in the ocean so that's really on me!

Dylan's knowledge and expertise on the birds and wildlife of South Africa was amazing, but even more importantly he connected well with the tour group and exuded patience and graciousness throughout. Tucson Audubon is fortunate to have partnered with Birding Ecotours on this experience to South Africa.

Marcia - On Johannesburg day tours

Marievale Bird Sanctuary provided ample opportunity to see thousands of birds. We saw a total of 82 bird species with over 40 new life birds. Weather was perfect. Our guide, Dylan, was knowledgeable and informative.

Maria - On Dylan

Dylan is an energetic and likeable guide with excellent communication and organizational skills. He worked hard to ensure that our tour ran smoothly and he remained calm in difficult situations.

Maria - On Subtropical South Africa

The Subtropical South Africa tour was an action-packed trip full of amazing birds and mammals. The accommodation was great and left us wishing we could spend more time at these wonderful places.

Marsha - On Vietnam

Go on this Vietnam tour sooner, rather than later. Climate change, deforestation, and illegal trapping are making these special birds disappear very rapidly.

Matt and Chris - On Dom and South Africa

I am writing to you to send a formal review of our birding day tour with Dominic Rollinson on May 18,2021. Dominic Rollinson, our truly knowledgeable and awesome birding guide provided Matt and I with a truly unique and genuinely wonderful birding experience! Dominic Rollinson provided us with in-depth knowledge and a greater understanding of the various birds, wildlife and ecosystems that make up the areas in/around Cape Town and South Africa! Our expectations for the day were not only met but greatly exceeded with Dominic guiding us along the way! Matt and I truly had a blast and would highly recommend Dominic Rollinson as a birding guide!

Michael - On Dylan and Johannesburg day tours

My three day tips out of Joburg with Dylan were phenomenal - a perfect introduction to the birds of the region, with all the logistics nailed down expertly. I would strongly recommend to anyone wanting to get a quick sense of the region's bird life.

Mike - On Andy and Australia

Took the "Eastern Australia: from the Outback to the Wet Tropics" tour, my first with Birding Ecotours. Itinerary fit my needs to a "T". Birds were spectacular and guides made a special effort at each stop to find the unique birds. Also bagged some fascinating fauna including tree kangaroo, platypus, koala, and echinda. Andy Walker was an excellent guide. He is personable with a great sense of humour. His ability to adapt to changing circumstances was excellent. He and his local guide knew the birds and terrain very well, optimized our birding time at each locale by knowing what key species occurred at each, and took pains to be sure everyone got on each bird.

Mitch - On Dom and Madagascar

With 153 species, 113 of them new species for me, this trip met and exceeded expectations. The effort put in by our
guides to find our target species was monumental. All our guides were knowledgeable and personable and persistent,
ensuring good views of many of the hard-to-see skulkers.

Between Dom and Fan, all the details were handled seamlessly, the two of them worked well as a team with the many
local guides that were engaged. I was not really up to the rigorous level of this trip but Fan and Dom made sure one of
the local guides were keeping an eye on me or one of them lent a hand over particularly rough terrain, for which I am
exceedingly grateful.

Mitch - On Dom and Namibia

335 species of birds is a good start for highlights. Loved traveling across the county of Namibia to Botswana, birding tours are a great way to experience the many types of environments of the country.

Birding Ecotours provided an outstanding experience, from pre-trip communications, recommended air travel assistance, accommodations and most of all finding the birds.

Dominic Rollinson's first priority was to get everyone on the bird; only after everyone had gotten on the bird did he help folks who wanted a photo. His extensive knowledge as to where to find species and his tenacity in finding target species made this a very successful trip. Dom managed the trip seamlessly allowing participants to focus on enjoying the trip. I particularly appreciated his willingness to call out species we've seen throughout the trip as it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of birds being seen.

Ohad - On Cape Town and Beyond Birding Tour

For a first visit to Southern Africa – this tour is mandatory! It gives a high chances to see almost all the Cape & Karoo endemics in short time with a great company.

Ohad - On Dom

Dom is an absolutely amazing person and birder. It was a great time to have him on this short tour.

Olivia - On Dom and Cape Day Tours

I would definitely recommend Birding Ecotours! Before the trip, we had prompt responses to our enquiries and we were fast assigned to a guide, Dominic Rollinson. We had such a great time with Dom on our day out in the Cape Peninsula. He was flexible with the schedule, itinerary, and with our photographic demands. He adjusted the trip so that we did everything at a slower pace, to be able to take pictures of literally every bird we saw. He knew how to position the car to get a better light on the subject, when that was the case. He’s very patient and pleasant to be with, and he shared with us some tips on where to go during the next days.

Otto - On South Africa

In the fall of 2011 my wife and I did a 28 day bird watching tour of South Africa with Birding Ecotours. Birding Ecotours was recommended by our Canadian agent, Tours of Exploration. Both of our driver/guides were excellent and our group of 5 saw well over 500 species of birds and over 60 species of animals as well as a large number of amazing endemic plants. The tours were well planned and run and came off without a hitch. The guides were very patient and accommodating and allowed us to change the schedule when we were in areas of great interest. Along with showing us the amazing natural history of South Africa our guides also explained the cultural history which made the trip special. We hope that we will have the opportunity to will travel with Birding Ecotours again in the near future.

Owen - On Eduardo and Peru

Eduardo, thanks so much for all your efforts to make this a fantastic , superbly well organised, entertaining, comfortable, informative , comprehensive and safe tour through Southern Peru. The Peru you showed me is indeed fabulous. It was a trip of a lifetime for me, which Sue and I can now enjoy remembering together.

Pat - On Namibia

I really enjoyed this tour in Namibia, which was full of many wonderful moments. We had great views of most of the over 400 bird species that we encountered, as well as all the animals. The scenery in the desert was awesome, and we had three spectacular sunsets at waterholes in the north of the country – quite the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen.

Paul - On Costa Rica and Eduardo

Just back from a three-week tour to Costa Rica with Birding Ecotours. The tour and those leading it was brilliant. The guides, Eduardo and Vernon (Vernon joined us for the first week of the trip), were simply outstanding. Luis, our bus driver, was not only an outstanding driver but was also a great birder too and joined us for some walks, helping to spot birds and wildlife. My advice to anyone reading this is to do yourself a favor and book a tour with Birding Ecotours… you will not be disappointed.    

Peter - On Andy

Andrew Walker is an outstanding birder with superb ability to assist clients in "getting on" species.

RT - on Andy and Australia

Andy Walker was absolutely excellent. Knowledgeable, affable, organized, sense of humor, and attentive to everyone. I would go anywhere with Andy.

Ramona - On Papua New Guinea and Andy

‘The tour was excellent, with great birds, although can be strenuous, buggy and wet, even during the dry season. Andy was conscientious, smart, well-organized, hard-working and knows the birds.’

Richard - on Josh and Cape birding tours

Josh knew the locations well and we explored each thoroughly. He was well acquainted with the birds and where to find them, and explained habits, identification etc. Enjoyable and relaxed chat in the vehicle between sites.

Rob - On Dylan and Uganda

This was my first trip to Africa and my longest birding trip ever. The itinerary was excellent, the accommodations were pleasant, and the guides were outstanding. Compared to other birding tours I’ve been on, this was orders of magnitude better. Kudos to Dylan and William or the support they gave to a visually- and hearing-impaired birder!

Rolland - On Eduardo and Peru

I have recently taken a trip with four friends to northern Peru with Eduardo Ormaeche, Birding Ecotours. I have no hesitation in recommending Eduardo and his co-guide Giancarlo Ventolini to anyone wanting to take a birdwatching trip to Peru. Eduardo was an outstanding bird guide. His knowledge of birds and ability to quickly and easily identify birds was truly exceptional. This includes all those very tricky flycatcher types that are so difficult to ID. Eduardo was extremely helpful, patient, and was excellent company. I am an extremely experienced bird watcher having travelled the globe extensively and Eduardo proved to be one of the very best bird guides I have ever experienced. If you are considering bird watching in Peru then think no further than using Eduardo!

Ron & Ruth - On Bhutan and Dylan

Great organization and a fabulous trip. Our guides and drivers were knowledgeable and attentive in the extreme. The birds, wildlife and scenery were stunning and the memory of breakfasting on the road with a view of the snow-capped Himalayas will stay with me forever! Dylan was professional, incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, caring, friendly, incredibly hard-working and always there for us!

Ron - On Dom

Dom was a delight to be with for 3 weeks. He was unfailingly polite and attentive to all of the group and always made sure everyone got to see the target birds. His breadth of knowledge always made the evening check list review productive and informative. He clearly laid out the plans for the following day and the target birds for that day.

Ron - On Masoala Peninsula

It was a great tour; unique country, Malagasy people, wildlife and scenery. Being in this unique environment with local
guides who knew and loved their home was uplifting and sobering. Masoala was an incredible start to the trip, 2 hours
on a boat to a remote and beautiful location, getting out of the boat in front of a village unchanged through time to a
path in the rainforest to the "Ecolodge Chez Arol" was surreal. To a thatched hut with minimal electricity no glass in
the windows where you became part of the forest at night was also magical.

Rosemary - On Dylan and Uganda

An excellent tour with a great range of activity from easy roadside birding to a couple of good long day walks. I enjoyed the whole thing and particularly like it when the accommodation lends itself to birding in the gardens.

Dylan is a fantastic guide, absolutely dedicated to getting the specials and numbers expected on a trip like this. He also has an eye out for anything else interesting, a good sense of humor and is unfailingly helpful.

Sandra - On Eduardo

Eduardo was amazing! He anticipated our needs, was extremely organized, kept us on schedule, but didn't force us to bird if we didn't want to. He made sure we saw neat things, ate great food, and showed interested in all nature (which we like). He is so easy going, yet attentive. We definitely plan to travel with Eduardo again in the future.

Sandra - On Guatemala

The ruddy crake was a big highlight! Las Guacamayas Biological Research Station was amazing! Being there, isolated and in the middle of nature was fantastic. We could have spent a week there going up and down the river birding and seeing so many neat bird species! And seeing the white-necked puffbird for the first time was a little mind-blowing.

Sandra - On Portugal

We not only saw approximately 150 species of birds (this was an October trip) but visited five wineries, and historical sites. Our hotels ranged from a Quinta to purpose built ecologically focused ones. All were beautiful, clean and comfortable. Our guides were terrific. We had our Birding Ecotours bird guide and trip leader supported by a local guide who was also a fabulous birder. Between the two we saw a lot and had a great time.

Sara - On Dylan

Dylan is the best guide I've ever traveled with – knowledgeable, personable, professional and patient when the sightings got tough. Dylan was a superlative leader – tuned to the dynamics of the group and the challenges we had.

Sherry - On Eduardo

Eduardo is an excellent birding guide but more importantly an outstanding, patient, and thoroughly knowledgeable person who really went the extra mile to make sure everyone had a great experience. His knowledge of the neotropic’s birds and nature is vast, and his enthusiasm for the trip was inexhaustible. Long days, early mornings, and vast distances never once detracted from his positive demeanor and his willingness to entertain questions and share explanations and knowledge.

Sherry - On Eduardo and Guyana

Eduardo is an excellent birding guide but more importantly an outstanding, patient, and thoroughly knowledgeable person who really went the extra mile to make sure everyone had a great experience. His knowledge of the neotropics and birds and nature is vast, and his enthusiasm for the trip was inexhaustible. Long days, early mornings, and vast distances never once detracted from his positive demeanor and his willingness to entertain questions and share explanations and knowledge 

Eduardo’s knowledge of birds and nature is only surpassed by his friendly nature, his incredible work ethic and his true desire for everyone on his trip to both see the birds and have a really positive experience. I cannot wait to sign up for another of his tours. 

Sherry - On Guyana and Eduardo

This is truly the trip of a lifetime to an area that not a lot of US birders get to enjoy. Guyana is a place where you will see birds, wildlife, and nature in a state that most people can only dream about. From the gardens of Georgetown, to the rainforest, to the top of Kaieteur falls, to the shores of rivers, to the vast southern savanna. Every day brought new species and unforgettable experiences. Our guide Eduardo and our local guide Gary worked extremely hard to make sure everyone saw every bird. Their knowledge, diligence, and patience really made the experience special.

Sheryl - On Fraser

Fraser Bell is extremely personable and goes the extra mile to make sure each person gets a look at each bird, and not just a look but a really good look, even if we have to try multiple times. He was always available both early and late for any issues and always willing to look for nocturnal and early morning activity. I would welcome the opportunity to travel with him again.

Sheryl - On Trinidad and Tobago

This is the most comprehensive tour of Trinidad and Tobago you will find. We got to experience different habitats and saw so many birds and different kinds of wildlife. The evening trip to Caroni Swamp for the roosting of the Scarlet Ibis is unforgettable!

Steve and Anne - On Dom and South Africa

Dominic’s guiding ability was exceptional. There appears to be a collaborative spirit amongst birders in South Africa which has not been apparent in other countries. This together with his enormous personal experience enabled Dom to get us an amazing number of birds.

Steve and Joanne - On Andy and Borneo

We had an excellent experience on the Birding Ecotours Sabah Classic Tour with Andy Walker, the tour leader, and our local guide, both being exceptional birders. They located all the key target birds with skill and tenacity and always worked hard for all members of the group to get good views. So many highlights: the elusive Whitehead's Trogon and Broadbill, the mythical Bornean Ground Cuckoo, the last-minute Bornean Bristlehead, Forktails, Fruithunters, Everett's Thrush…to name just a few truly exceptional birds that were so worth the effort of searching them out. Boating on the Kinabatangen River gave superb views of so many fantastic hornbills and the canopy walkways gave access to great views of many species otherwise unreachable. This was our second time birding with Andy. Excellent birding skills, very well organised, sensitive to needs of group members (photographers/non-photographers), and good company.

Su - On Vietnam

Lovely intimate tour with excellent photography opportunities. Good variety of birds and scenery. Beautiful, interesting birds.

Sue - On Cape Town and Beyond Birding Tour

The Best of Cape Town and Beyond is a wonderful introduction to South Africa birding. You will experience diverse, interesting, and spectacular habitats where you will find many bird species and an incredible variety of plants.

During our trip, we were able to see 237 species including many endemics. The entire trip was great, with wonderful scenery, lodging and food. Although we were disappointed that the pelagic trip was cancelled due to weather, we certainly could understand! As an alternative, Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope were spectacular. Tankwa Karoo area was very interesting. The landscape was austere, but the bird and animal life was abundant.

Sue - On Dominic

Dominic was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and personable. Everything was well-organized. Dom made sure everyone got on the birds, then left some time for the photographers to do their thing. He knew where to find the birds and was very good at getting people on them (as we know can be pretty difficult!).

Sue - On Hawaii

The Hawaiian birding tour is a birding tour with a difference! With only a small bird list mostly, comprising of highly endangered endemic birds or many introduced birds from all over the world. The pace of the tour is a very relaxed one and perfect for those who want to experience top quality birds, top quality accommodation, an exuberant, passionate, knowledgeable guide who takes good care of you and delicious sea food with a wonderful one day pelagic with an opportunity of seeing Manta Rays up close and personal in the sea.

Sue - On Jacob and Southeast Arizona

The Southeast Arizona tour is in the perfect area to see the maximum number of species and rarities. This tour has the perfect guide, Jacob Roalef, who works diligently to make sure that each participant sees all the birds he finds. This tour has the perfect number of participants to have fun, share knowledge and get to know each other. I would highly recommend this tour! Jacob was an outstanding guide and I can’t say enough good things about him!. First, he knew the birds and could identify them by ear and sight. He made sure that each of us saw the bird(s) he had heard, seen or scoped. He also provided information about field marks, habitat, behavior and other interesting facts about the birds. Additionally, he knew a lot about the environment and gave us good context for the area that our tour covered. He was very diligent in finding the rarities, and then persistent until we saw them. Jacob also was very perceptive about each individual on the tour and gave equal attention to each of us based on our skill level in birding and our personal quirks. He is fun and funny, patient and well-organized and a safe and good driver. I innocently asked if there had ever been a flat tire on ones of his tours and that jinxed us because we indeed had one at 7,800 feet after a rain. Jacob was cool, calm and collected and what could have been a disaster ended with hilarity and a Band-tailed Pigeon. He facilitated and contributed to the camaraderie and banter that our group shared. I hope to go on another tour that Jacob guides.

Sue - On Senegal/The Gambia and Dylan

Senegal and The Gambia is a delightful destination and is full of birds. For those that have not experienced Africa before, it is an excellent introduction to African birding. The river trips are wonderful and it is difficult to know where to look first with bee-eaters, kingfishers of multi colors assaulting the mind. Dylan is a very able leader whom we enjoy travelling with as his African birding knowledge is first class as well as having a delightful personality well able to overcome problems that inevitably arise in African countries. The climate of sun and heat is a welcome relief of grey, cold miserable weather experienced in the northern hemisphere in winter. Accommodation is basic but adequate and local eateries are interesting but would not win any medals for hygiene.

Sue - On Subtropical South Africa

I would highly recommend the South Africa Comprehensive Eastern Tour. The entire trip was wonderful – seeing an amazing number of fantastic birds, seeing up close some of the great mammals of the world, and meeting some really wonderful people. The lodging and food were top-notch, and where it was more rustic it was always clean and unique.

Susan - On Dylan

Dylan is a very competent guide who has an excellent knowledge of the birds, always listening for calls and very able to direct his participants to their location. He had endless patience with the group and solved any issues that came his way with great patience and good humor. We so enjoyed his company that we have booked another tour with himas our guide.

Susan - On Eduardo and Guyana

Eduardo is still one of my favourite guides. He is knowledgeable, always kind and considerate and goes the extra mile to look after us. Our Guyana birding tour was an excellent tour with two different habitats, rain forest and savannah, giving a good selection of tropical birds. We enjoyed it immensely!

Ted - On Andy and Australia

Andy Walker is a terrific birder and guide. His knowledge, persistence and patience got us a lot of great looks at many skulky birds in the Top End.

Ted - on Andy and Australia

Andy Walker is a terrific birder and guide, and the typical small Birding Ecotours group sizes means Andy has a great chance of getting everyone a good look at even the most skulky birds of the Alice Springs area.

Tim & Kay - on Andy and Australia

Particularly enjoyed the south and southwest coastal regions. Andy is an exceptional guide.

Tim - On Fraser and Trinidad and Tobago

We really enjoyed this tour, and it is one of our favorite tours to date. Fraiser Bell was an excellent guide as was the local guide Lester on Trinidad. Both Asa Wright center locations on Trinidad were perfect for us, and we give it 5 stars out of 5. The accommodations, food, and guiding staff were top notch. We highly recommend this place for your future tour guests.

Tim - On Vietnam

I was very impressed with the quality of birds seen on this trip as well as other wildlife.

Tim and Kay - On Galo

Galo Real was a gem of a guide. He was very knowledgeable and experienced given this was his own country. He was able to pick out multiple bird songs at a time and quickly spotted where they were. We couldn't have asked for a better guide and frankly don't think there is a better guide. We look forward to future trips with him.

Tim and Kay - On Galo and northern Ecuador

Galo and his driver Nestor were a dream team. They were very experienced and we saw ten times more birds and other wildlife than if we had tried to guide ourselves. We saw over 200 new birds including 49 different hummingbirds. The bird of the trip was the Cock-of-the-Rock (both east and west versions) while the Tayra (east and west versions) and Mountain Tapir showings were amazing. We would highly recommend this trip…and guide team.

Tim and Kay - On Andy and Australia

Highlights were the rare birds and Uluru. Andy was great and is top notch and a very dedicated guide. He wants us to see even the hard-to-get birds.

Tim and Kay - on Andy and Australia

Kakadu National Park was fantastic. Andy is top notch and a very dedicated guide. He wants us to see even the hard-to-get birds.

Tony and Nancy - On Eduardo

We would highly recommend Eduardo for guiding in South America as he has extensive knowledge of the birds, is a good communicator and always makes sure you are comfortable on all levels.

Tracy - On Colombia

As always, the whole tour was great. Highlights were the San Augustin Archaeological Park, the boat trip from Puerto Asis where we saw the pink river dolphins, the condor experience, and Hotel Juan Solito – for the birding, and the giant anteater and tamandua! The first two items were part of our changed itinerary, but they were fabulous detours!

Tracy - On Eduardo

The Costa Rica Escape tour was my second trip with Birding Ecotours, after Brazil. It was a great winter break and also a teaser trip to the country, leaving us wanting to see more. Any trip with a Resplendent Quetzal has to be a good one, but the variety of birds we saw at the various stops was amazing. One of the highlight memories for me was when Eduardo and the local guide were off the trail, listening for an owl, and a Great Tinamou walked right up to their feet without them realizing it. As a guide, Eduardo is professional, knowledgeable and personable. I'm already planning my third trip with the company!

Tracy - On Jacob

Jacob was personable and knowledgeable, and it was obvious he was keeping up with local birding reports to make sure we had the best opportunities to see our target birds. He was also great at making sure everyone saw the birds, pointing out field marks and helping to distinguish between different species (just what you need on a 10 sparrow day!). For those who wanted in- depth information, he was ready, and for those who just wanted to enjoy, he let us experience things at our own level.

Tracy - On Jacob and Maine, USA

Maine is beautiful, whether you’re on the shore or inland, and this tour showed us the best of both. Experiencing the variety of habitats with a knowledgeable guide and great companions was just what we needed after a year of not travelling. Jacob was a great leader for our group, making sure we saw the birds we wanted, but also on the look-out for mammals or letting us slow down to enjoy the wildflowers.

Tracy - On Southeast Brazil & Eduardo

I think this is the best tour I've taken. Brazil's Atlantic rain forest is full of stunning vistas. Every day was remarkable, even with unseasonably cold and rainy weather. Four species of toucans (my favorites), Bare-faced Bellbird, calling yellow frogs, an Atlantic Royal Flycatcher near its nest, and beautiful tanagers and hummingbirds. Our guides, Eduardo and Marco, had extensive knowledge of all facets of natural history, and showed almost as much excitement at some of our sightings as we did!

Urban and Nancy - On Andy and Japan

Where else but Japan in winter can you see six species of cranes? The Red-crowned Cranes dancing in the blowing snow in Hokkaido were magical. The lone Siberian Crane in Kyushu was an unexpected delight. We can recommend this tour unreservedly. Andy is a companionable, knowledgeable guide intent on finding great birds for us  - and highly successful.

Wendy and Karen

Our guide, Dominic Rollinson, was exceptional in every way. Of course, he had an unbelievable knowledge of where and how to find the birds. Additionally, he was a real pleasure to be with. He was happy to answer any question and his knowledge of South Africa really enhanced our experience. The itinerary was thoughtfully planned and we were able to see a huge variety of birds. The accommodations he choose were comfortable and interesting and the food was consistently delicious. We can't say enough good things about Dom and the trip!

Will - On Chris and South Africa

My brother John and I joined Chris on a tour of KwaZulu-Natal. As scientists, we were difficult customers, constantly being distracted by plants and rocks instead of birds. Chris tolerated these diversions with unflappable grace. And when our attentions were finally engaged fully in the bird watching we could not have asked for a better guide who knew the calls, where to look for tricky sightings, and had all the necessary local contacts to help us find the truly strange and wonderful. My favorite example of the strange and wonderful category was the African Broadbill which was displaying, but in the midst of impenetrable vegetation. Despite this, Chris and the guide managed to get us amazing views in the spotting scope. It was my most memorable bird of the trip. He accompanied us just across the border into Swaziland, past guards with guns (because we wanted to say we’d been there), and to a truly dodgy neighborhood in Durban to look at a rock outcrop, and never once complained – at least not out loud. We’ve been on several other international birding trips, and Chris is still our standard of comparison to all our other guides. And he’s still number one. We will be doing a pelagic trip off South Africa in the not too distant future, and will plan it so Chris can lead us there.

Zane - On Giancarlo

Giancarlo has the perfect characteristics of an expert guide. He is very attentive, pleasant, outgoing, calm and helpful. He is also completely honest. He gets along with people well and does what he can to solve problems.

Zieger - On Angola

This specialized excursion has its focus on Angolan endemics & special birds and was exceptionally good in that
respect. Besides this, traveling was quite good: food, lodges, local guides, far better than expected.

Zieger - on Dylan

Dylan is an extraordinarily gifted guide with incredible hearing, visual acuity, memory for bird calls and their
appearance. He was very eager to explain and patient with the not-so-gifted participants. Not every native speaker
has such a clear, distinct and understandable pronunciation.

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