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Birding Africa: how to bird the continent strategically

Birding Africa: how to bird the continent strategically

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When I lived in Wyoming, fellow birders and wildlife enthusiasts were often amazed that I was from Africa. To my American colleagues, it was a continent they...
Mozambique birding blog

A productive birding transect from highland Zimbabwe to coastal Mozambique

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Summary. A two-week journey from Harare, in the centre of Zimbabwe's high plateau, to the coastal city of Beira in Mozambique traverses..
Woodpeckers of America

Finding America’s 22 Woodpeckers – birding stories from Miami to Seattle

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Woodpeckers are among the world’s most charismatic birds. And the United States certainly has more than its fair share of spectacular-looking ones, with an amazing 22 species...
Napo wildlife center

Why Choose Napo Wildlife Center

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Yasuní National Park, located in the Amazonian region of northeastern Ecuador spans over 1,022,000 hectares/ 2,527,000 acres of pristine Amazonian rainforest. This mega...