Birding Day Tours

How our 1-to-5-day tours work

Please note that we run day tours in all major South African cities, and sometimes also in Lima, Peru (where we have an established office), Quito, Ecuador, Ohio (where we also have an established office), Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Cornwall, UK.

Day tour prices vary according to the destination you wish to visit, with the full-day tours being great value for money, however the half day trips are poorer value as the guides usually end up doing large mileage even for such a short trip. Most people travel singly, in couples, or they bring their own small group along. Please refer to the advertised day tours to find prices or where prices are not advertised, please contact us and we will inform you of these prices.

Under normal circumstances, the birding guide will fetch you from wherever you are staying, after breakfast, and drop you back before dinner/before dark in the case of a 1-day tour (airport drop-offs are also perfectly OK). In the case of a half-day tour, the trip will run either from breakfast until lunch or from lunch until dinner. Please e-mail us for the starting time you prefer – we are happy with an early start (e.g. 5 a.m.), but we also understand that you will sometimes prefer a later start (e.g. 9 a.m.). The trip is yours, and you can tell us when you want to start the day. We often recommend 7:30 a.m. at the entrance to your hotel, but we can also advise about the best time to avoid rush hour for specific tours.

Longer trips – accommodation and meals have to be added to the price; we can usually find good accommodation for reasonable prices, but if more luxury is needed the price, of course, increases. The guide’s accommodation also needs to be paid.

We strongly recommend that you book far in advance. At certain times of the year our birding guides get booked particularly far in advance, but even at the best of times we recommend booking as far in advance as possible. On the other hand, we can often accommodate you even if you book a week in advance (sometimes even the day before).

You are welcome to just pay the guide cash on the day of the tour after you have booked with us. For trips that are longer than one day, we need payment of a deposit in advance.

We believe in providing first class service, and if you e-mail us with any questions you will find we answer in lots of detail and very enthusiastically.

Please note: Any of these 1-day tours can be run as 1-day photographic birding tours – to convert them into birding photo tours we modify the sites visited and slow down the pace.

We also have a network of superb birding guides all over the state of Ohio, which is where our US office is. Please click here or on USA Day Tours above for details.

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