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Argentina is the second-largest country in South America and a famous travel destination, with our Argentina birding tours allowing you to see a vastly different assortment of Argentina bird species. Our Argentina birding tours visit the bird-rich tropics in the north and also visit Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego in the south where only the hardiest of species survive. For those travelers familiar with the country it is difficult to imagine Argentina without legendary tango dancing, exquisite wine, the iconic figures of Eva Perón and Diego Maradona, the religious passion for football, tasty beef, the European influence on the architecture, noisy coffee shops, gauchos in the countryside, and the infallible herbal mate tea.

However, for birdwatchers, Argentina goes far beyond these cultural aspects, with a country list of 1064 bird species including 16 endemics, making Argentina one of the top birding destinations in South America. A birding trip in the southern part of the southern hemisphere does not result in a huge list of birds like tours in ColombiaPeru, or Ecuador; instead we focus on extremely high quality and fantastic species such as White-bellied SeedsnipeMagellanic PloverBlack-browed AlbatrossSouthern Giant PetrelTwo-banded PloverDolphin GullRufous-chested DotterelDot-winged CrakeAustral RailMagellanic OystercatcherMagellanic WoodpeckerAndean CondorChubut Steamer DuckFlying Steamer DuckKing PenguinMagellanic PenguinGentoo PenguinBurrowing ParakeetRuddy-headed GooseUpland GooseCordoba Cinclodes,  Olrog’s CinclodesScimitar-winged WoodcreeperChocolate-vented TyrantWhite-throated TreerunnerYellow-bridled FinchSalinas MonjitaPampas MeadowlarkGreater and Lesser RheasSouthern ScreamerPatagonian Yellow Finch, and the Critically Endangered (IUCN) Hooded Grebe; enough to make any birder’s mouth water.

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Our Argentina birding trips will allow you to explore Argentina from the capital Buenos Aires all the way south to Ushuaia, the most austral city in the world and the rendezvous point for our Antarctica trips. We cross the vast steppes of Patagonia from the Punta Rasa Natural Reserve to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Peninsula Valdes, where spectacular colonies of Southern Elephant Seals can be seen and with luck even Orcas close to the coast. We explore the beech forest of El Calafate, admire the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier, a truly natural wonder of the world, and enjoy breathtaking views of the snow-capped Fitzroy Massif in Tierra del Fuego, which will make the time stop for a few seconds and transport the observer into an episode of the Planet Earth series. With luck unique wildlife like colonies of South American Sea LionsPampas FoxLarge Hairy Armadillo, and Southern Right Whale might be encountered, and possibly even the elusive Puma. In addition Guanaco as well as a distinctive selection of smaller interesting rodents such as CoypuPatagonian MaraWolffsohn’s Viscacha, and Southern Mountain Cavy could be seen.

Argentina is undoubtedly blessed with an enormous variety of habitats and natural wonders as well as its spectacular set of birds, but the country is vast, and a single Argentina birding tour might not suffice for most adventurous travelers. It will be well worth it exploring the regions north of Buenos Aires and Cordoba taking you to the borders with Brazil and Bolivia on the famous northern Argentina birding route. From snow-capped mountains and lakes in the high Andes to the Araucaria moist forests, lush cloudforest mountains, the impenetrable scrub-and-thorn Chaco, the Iberá Wetlands, and to Iguazú Falls, the largest in the world, the avian jewels that this route holds are outstanding, including birds such as  Red-tailed CometBlack-fronted Piping GuanRufous-throated DipperBlack-legged SeriemaQuebracho Crested TinamouBlack-bodied WoodpeckerStrange-tailed Tyrant, the endemic Tucuman Mountain FinchMoreno Ground DoveCitron-headed Yellow FinchAndean and Puna FlamingosHorned CootTucuman AmazonWhite-throated AntpittaStreamer-tailed TyrantSaffron-cowled BlackbirdToco ToucanBlond-crested Woodpecker, and Golden-collared Macaw. The wildlife of this region is represented by mammals like CapybaraVicuñaGuanacoCrab-eating FoxAndean FoxSouth American Coati, and with luck Highland Tuco-tuco, one of the most distinctive rodents of this part of the world.

Please do join our enthusiastic tour leaders and professional guides on our Argentina birding tours as we travel across this incredible country!

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Testimonials from our Argentina birding tours

My trip to Argentina was amazing! We always see huge numbers of species on Birding Ecotours trips, and this one was no exception. Add to that the scenery in the Andes, among the most spectacular anywhere; meanwhile, accommodations, arrangements, and guiding were fully up to Birding Ecotours’ usual standards. Eduardo is a great guide, always watching out for our welfare as well as finding the birds, and Diego was one of the more knowledgeable – and friendly – local guides we have had in years. As my trip focused on the northwest, I look forward to visiting the rest of this wonderful country soon.

Bill - On Eduardo and Argentina

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