Custom and Anytime Tours

Most of our birding tours are set date, small group tours led by our international birding guides/full-time staff members. However, we also understand that many birders are looking for something different from this, and we certainly provide it. Below we summarize some of the other kinds of birdwatching tours we offer, apart from the typical ones.

Birding tours with local guides:

There is a growing demand for inexpensive birding holidays direct with local operators and local birding guides. But, since the quality and reliability of local companies varies hugely, not everyone is comfortable taking this leap (understandably). And, wiring money to a one-person operator in a foreign country can also be scary. We solve these two problems for you by offering these trips through our own local birding partners in a wide range of countries, and you pay us so we can wire the tour payments to the people we have worked with for years, people we trust and who have always done fine jobs for us. It should also be noted that many of our own guides/staff members live in countries such as Indonesia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, the UK, the USA, South Africa, etc., so we can also provide cost-effective trips to these countries as we don’t have to fly in a leader from elsewhere. Please contact us here and specify this is what you want, if you prefer not to simply join one of our set departures.

Tailor-made birding tours:

We certainly enjoy arranging bespoke birding tours, in which we look at your wish list or specific requests (some people prefer a more relaxed trip, or a photographic pace, for example) and design an itinerary for you.

Anytime birding tours:

We also realize that you can’t always make the dates of an existing tour shown on our website, but still want to do the tour as we have developed amazing itineraries that work very well. If you bring a small group, or if you want a private tour (and don’t mind paying more for this), we can run these birding tour itineraries at any time by request (we’ll advise, though, if we think the timing is bad; one doesn’t for example want to visit Cuba during the hurricane season or Madagascar when the ground-rollers simply don’t show themselves!).

Birding and wildlife vacations for Audubon societies and bird clubs:

We also enjoy putting together custom trips for Audubon societies, bird clubs, BirdLife International affiliates, etc. Quite often we run these as “conservation tours”, where we donate a certain amount per tour participant to the club or to a specific bird conservation cause, over and above what we already donate to conservation as a company (it is company policy to donate a minimum of 10 % of annual profits to local communities and bird conservation projects).

Every year we run a great many tailor-made tours. Please e-mail [email protected] if you want more details.

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