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Antarctica, the vast frozen wastes of a deep ice continent with forbidding temperatures and freezing winds! It is in the surrounding ice pack waters, welling up with life from the bottom of the ocean, where the profusion of Antarctic wildlife occurs. These rich, coastal, southern waters hold penguins and quantities of seabirds like skuas, albatrosses, shearwaters, cormorants, and petrels. Huge marine mammals like whales, dolphins and seals lurk here, searching for krill and fish – and sometimes the penguins that call this place home. Both savage and majestic, the continent of Antarctica has drawn many an intrepid explorer to this amazing wildlife spectacle of huge penguin colonies, cetacean highlights and rutting sea lions, surely not a place to be missed for any serious world birder or general traveler.

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Argentina: Southern Patagonia – Tierra del Fuego November 2020

Argentina: Southern Patagonia – Tierra del Fuego November 2020

This short tour of Tierra del Fuego gives you the opportunity to explore southern Patagonia and the Tierra del Fuego National Park from the world’s most southerly city, Ushuaia. Apart from the sheer beauty of the area there is an assortment of important bird species which will be targeted.

Testimonials from our tours

I joined a custom trip, followed by an African Bird Club conservation tour, with Chris Lotz of Birding Ecotours, in November 2012. I sent Chris a wish-list and he was very quick to reply with a detailed itinerary based on the list I sent him. I got 42 lifers on this trip, which actually exceeded my expectations: with a world list of over 7000 species, it is tough for me to see new birds anywhere.
Both the custom trip and the conservation trip were extremely well-organised, and the Birding Ecotours guides were superb. The African Bird Club will be doing more trips with Birding Ecotours.

Keith BettonAfrican Bird Club, UK

Birds from Antarctica