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Israel is at the junction of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. Many birds’ migration paths pass straight though Israel twice a year: each spring about half a billion birds migrate through the country northwards to the breeding areas, and each autumn they move to their wintering areas to the south. The continental bridge effect also means that Israel has more birds than expected – about 540 species. For some of these, Israel is the northern distribution boundary; for others the southern.

Our Owls of the World trip to Israel can be combined with other fascinating birding sights such as the thousands of migratory raptors soaring and gliding, a mix of many other passing-by birds in different habitats, a morning drinking ritual of sandgrouse (several species) as well as other desert birds, seabirds in the Red and Mediterranean Seas, Nightjars (Egyptian, Nubian and Eurasian), and lots more. Some birds are resident, but many need specific timing.

Out of Israel’s TEN owl species, the”desert” ones are the most interesting to overseas visitors: Hume’s Tawny Owl, Pharaoh Eagle Owl and Pallid Scops OwlHume’s Tawny Owl and Pharoah Eagle-Owl are resident, while Pallid Scops Owl is a rare winter visitor. So if you are interested in seeing all three of these unique owls, then December, January, or February are the best months for your Israeli owling tour.

During the late spring and early summer months (May-July), the fledglings of the three other species are vocal, and are easier to locate: Long-eared OwlEurasian Tawny Owl, and Eurasian Scops Owl. Other resident species that can be seen throughout the year, but more easily in the spring months, are Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Western Barn Owl, and Little OwlShort-eared Owl is less common, and most observations are from migration time and winter.

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