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Angola was for many years considered a no-go country, due to the brutal civil war that lasted nearly three decades, ending only as recently as the early 2000s, and ultimately left the country crippled. Since the civil war ended, the country has experienced growing peace and stability, along with a massive surge in the infrastructural advancements, opening the country up to tourism. During these early years, after Angola opened up, it was deemed to be a country only for the ‘hard-core’ tourists, and even the few birding tours available were typically overland camping adventures. Fortunately, this has changed somewhat in the last few years, and while a sense of adventure is still required, an ever-improving road network, along with an increase in hotel/guesthouse accommodations for tourism, opens this truly spectacular country up to more and more birders.

Angola has a massive diversity of species, nearly 1000 species occurring within its’ borders, of which thirteen are true endemic species, while countless other near-endemics and highly localized species feature prominently. This is all a testament to the many habitats within, and ultimately the fantastic birding Angola possesses, making it without a doubt one of the finest birding countries in Africa and a destination not to be missed by any world birder.

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Complete Angola July 2020/2021

Complete Angola July 2020/2021


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