The 5 toughest birds and what is your biggest nemesis bird?

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What are the 5 toughest birds in your state/province, country or region? And what is your biggest nemesis bird?

Interactive blog started by Chris Lotz but which will be added to by other birders as we receive comments by e-mail or social media.

This blog will start as an extremely brief one, but will hopefully get increasingly extensive with your input. If you e-mail us ([email protected]) and tell us what the most difficult of the regularly occurring (i.e. non-vagrant) birds are in your area, then we’ll add them to this article. Please do also send photos if you have them, which we can include with acknowledgement if extremely good.

Here is my pick of the birds I found most difficult to find even when I was guiding extensively, when I was living in southern Africa:

White-winged Flufftail

Sharp-tailed Starling

Lesser Seedcracker

Striped Crake

Blue Quail

My nemesis bird for the subregion is Eurasian Bittern, which for the life of me I was never able to find in South Africa or Mozambique (I have heard it in South Africa, but I don’t count heard only birds). I’ve seen this species in England and in India, but that’s not as good as seeing it “at home”!

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