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Guatemala is the finest birding destination in northern Central America, and it is an easy country to travel in, making Guatemala birding tours a particularly exciting prospect. Perhaps due to an exaggerated bad press it has been off the radar for favorite places to bird in Latin America, but certainly Guatemala can provide a great experience for birdwatchers. The large diversity of habitats, such as steep cloud forest mountains (with 30 active volcanoes), deciduous forests, the Pacific shore, and lush humid rainforest, allows Guatemala to host an amazing set of bird species. Some of the highlights (many of which we should see on our Guatemala birding tours) include the fabulous Resplendent QuetzalHorned GuanPink-headed WarblerRed-faced WarblerBelted FlycatcherFulvous OwlLong-tailed ManakinTody MotmotBlue-diademed MotmotKeel-billed MotmotPrevost’s Ground SparrowHighland GuanWhite-bellied ChachalacaPheasant CuckooKeel-billed ToucanBlue-crowned ChlorophoniaBuffy-browed Partridge, and Rufous Sabrewing.

Our Guatemala birding tours are of course focused on birds but also provide the opportunity to travel through a country with an incredible history from the Mayan civilization through to the Spanish colonial times. We will have the chance to visit the amazing Tikal National Park in Petén, one of the largest archaeological sites and urban centers of the Maya civilization and a UNESCO World Heritage Site – not to forget that the Tikal archaeological site is also famous for having been featured in the original 1977 “Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope” movie.

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This magical site located near the borders with Belize provides several unique sets of birds shared with Mexico and Belize and known as Yucatan specials, including the most-wanted Ocellated Turkey. We will spend a couple of days walking around its jungles and through its pyramids, looking for as many birds as possible, including the recently split Mayan AntthrushGray-throated Chat, and Orange-breasted Falcon. Wildlife is not uncommon around Tikal, with Central American Spider Monkey and White-nosed Coati among the more-frequently-encountered species.

Our Guatemala birding tour starts at Guatemala City’s international airport, but we are rather staying in the beautiful town of La Antigua, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then the tour will pass along a route of spectacular scenery, including the beautiful Lake Atitlan in the highlands of Guatemala – formerly home of the extinct Atitlan Grebe – and views of the active Volcán de Fuego (Volcano of Fire). Coffee production is one of the main elements of Guatemala’s economy and Guatemalan coffee is known as one of the best in the world, so coffee lovers will enjoy Guatemala’s exquisite coffee taste as well as some of the finest chocolates in this part of the world.

We will stay in several old fincas (farms) now transformed into lodges, and places like Finca La Nube will give the tour a special touch for those who prefer small but charming and quiet places. Our birding tour to Guatemala also includes an optional long hike to look for Horned Guan above the famous Finca Los Tarrales, which is one of the very few places in the world to see this sought-after species, but our local guides are always looking for new accessible sites for this bird to avoid the strenuous but rewarding hike above Los Tarrales. We invite you to join our Guatemala birding tour and experience a great birding trip in a country with a lively culture, fabulous scenery, interesting history, excellent gastronomy, and nice people. Please do read our blog about how, when and where to visit this splendid country!

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Guatemala: Highlands Specials and Horned Guan March 2025

Guatemala: Tikal and Mayan Rainforest Highlights March 2025

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Testimonials from our Guatemala birding tours

The ruddy crake was a big highlight! Las Guacamayas Biological Research Station was amazing! Being there, isolated and in the middle of nature was fantastic. We could have spent a week there going up and down the river birding and seeing so many neat bird species! And seeing the white-necked puffbird for the first time was a little mind-blowing.

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