Why Choose Napo Wildlife Center?

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By Galo Real. Posted on 15 March 2021


Yasuní National Park, located in the Amazonian region of northeastern Ecuador, spans over 2,527,000 acres/10,000 square kilometers of pristine Amazonian rainforest. This mega biodiverse ecosystem is unique and incomparable to anywhere else in the world.

Napo wildlife centerSunset from one of Napo Wildlife Center’s observation towers.

Personally, I have visited this park countless times and there is always something that catches my attention, a more impressive sunrise, a different call emanating from the canopy, but regardless of the experience, there is always a new one.  On every visit there is always so much new to see and experience that you never seem to grow tired of the unique surroundings.

During these visits I have had the opportunity to visit many of the different lodges that lie along the Napo River. When birders ask me, what is the best place to stay while visiting the park, my reply is that each lodge has its own unique character and charm. I am always impressed with the amount of luxury and comfort that these sites offer in such a remote and pristine area.

Napo Wildlife Center stands out from the others in my eyes because it offers close-up experiences with nature, boasting four bird/wildlife observation towers, well maintained trails, extremely comfortable rooms, scrumptious food and very friendly and attentive staff.

Napo wildlife centerView of main lodge from Añangu Lake.

Napo Wildlife CenterView from the main lodge of Añangu Lake.

Napo Wildlife CenterA typical room we use on our tours here. 

Being nestled in the park itself, guests of Napo Wildlife Center are given certain privileges such as first visits to parrot salt licks during the day before patrons from surrounding lodges arrive. Golden-mantled Tamarins, Napo Saki monkeys, White-bellied Spider Monkeys, White-faced Capuchins, Red Howler Monkeys, Giant Otters, Black Caimans, as well as a huge number of bird species can be seen nearby the lodge and are seen almost daily.

Napo wildlife centerGolden-mantled Tamarin

The lodge itself is an award-winning, community-owned eco-project known throughout the world and is an inspiration for other similar endeavors.  The pristine surroundings are protected by the staff who are made up of the local Añangu community. Profits from the project go back into the community to ensure improved education and healthcare. Choosing this lodge is a conscious decision that we are proud to make.

We hope to see you on our next adventure to the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Napo wildlife centerGiant Otter in Añangu Lake

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