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Galo Real

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Galo Real was born and raised in the heart of the Andes in Quito, Ecuador.  After graduating with a degree in Eco-tourism from Catholic University in Quito (PUCE), he became qualified as a Naturalist guide and began working and living in the famous Tandayapa Valley.  This is where he met his first birder and instantly became hooked.  He quickly began to study, observe, and learn everything he could about the local bird population.  He then moved to the East Slope of the Andes next to the Guacamayos Ridge and was given the opportunity to begin guiding birding groups at the well-known Cabañas San Isidro Cloud Forest Reserve.  Little by little he started birding and leading groups all over the country.

Galo has been professionally guiding for well over a decade in Ecuador.  His easy mannerisms and vast knowledge of politics and culture of Ecuador make him a wonderful travel companion.  Galo has traveled and birded various parts of Texas, Peru, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, and of course all over Ecuador.

When not guiding, Galo resides with his wife, RhoAnn, and three children in the Amazonian Province of Morona Santiago.  Their family farm is currently using shade-friendly plants such as coffee and vanilla to sustain reforestation projects of damaged riparian forest on the Upano River.

Galo is a licensed Volunteer Park Guard for the Sangay National Park and spends much of his time working with the Ministry of the Environment, training/licensing local guides, giving birding workshops, and actively participating as a board member for the conservation of the Upano River Valley.

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Join Galo on the following upcoming tours:

Ecuador: The Amazon – Clay Lick & Giant Otters October/November 2022/2023

Ecuador: The Amazon – Clay Lick & Giant Otters October/November 2022/2023

Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park is one of the most diverse places on earth, spanning nearly 2.5 million acres of lush rainforest. The Ecuadorian Amazon is home to more than 600 bird species.

Galápagos: Natural History Extravaganza November 2022/2023

Galápagos: Natural History Extravaganza November 2022/2023

Just 483 years ago the first man stepped onto the Galápagos Islands and marveled at this living laboratory. Today we continue to be awestruck by this constantly changing archipelago.

Northern Ecuador Birding Paradise – Hummingbird & Antpitta Extravaganza November 2022/2023

Northern Ecuador Birding Paradise – Hummingbird & Antpitta Extravaganza November 2022/2023

Ecuador has the highest bird species diversity per square kilometer on the planet and offers some of the best birding of South America. Due to the short distances to drive, good tourist infrastructure, and wonderful lodges and other facilities for birders, Ecuador is perhaps the obligatory destination on the continent!

Read Galo’s feedback from clients:

“We birded with Galo Real for 8 days in Ecuador as an extension from a family trip to the Amazon Basin and the Galapagos. He is a good birder with great ear for the bird calls and knowledge of all the sites. He is very agreeable and was patient and considerate of our needs and capabilities. We look forward to birding with him again.

Take care and Happy Birding,”

Barbara and Jim

“We have travelled with Galo twice and had planned a third trip with him until world problems interfered. We have greatly enjoyed his company and good nature. He has been a tremendous guide with great ear for the bird calls and knowledge of all sites. He is very helpful and patient with us. He seems to anticipate our needs without our asking and adapts to our capabilities and interests. We look forward to travelling with him again.”

Jim and Barbara

“Galo Real was a gem of a guide. He was very knowledgeable and experienced given this was his own country. He was able to pick out multiple bird songs at a time and quickly spotted where they were. We couldn't have asked for a better guide and frankly don't think there is a better guide. We look forward to future trips with him.”

Tim and Kay