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We understand that the world is in a current state of uncertainty, and this creates difficulties when planning and booking your next amazing birding trip. In an effort to help combat this we want to offer this special certificate promotion which provides future flexibility and options for you while also supporting our team during these difficult times. You know you want to travel in the future with us, but you just are not sure of where or when yet, so take advantage of this promotion below!

For only US$250 you will receive a US$500 Credit Certificate, doubling your value! These may be redeemed with any new tour booking with a departure date after Jan 1, 2021. These certificates also make great gifts for travel partners, friends, and family who are undecided on their next great adventure.

We also want to encourage you to check out and sign up for our Bird Miles Rewards Program for a slightly better certificate promotion and for future specials and rewards.

This deal has been extended until further notice while COVID-19 is still an issue.

Birding Ecotours promotion

All certificates with Birding Ecotours are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Only one credit certificate may be redeemed per person per tour.
  2. Credit certificate may only be redeemed with final balance payments, NOT with deposits.
  3. Credit certificates are NOT eligible with day trips.
  4. Credit certificates are NOT eligible with partnered and agent tours.
  5. Valid for tours with departures after Jan 1, 2021.
  6. Credit certificates may only be redeemed with new bookings made after May 1, 2020.
  7. Limited purchase of 5 credit certificates per person.
  8. Credit certificates may be redeemed by anyone and may be gifted to friends or family.
  9. Offer has been extended until further notice while COVID-19 is still an issue.

Please fill in this form to request certificates.  A Birding Ecotours team member will be in contact with you to process payment and send you your certificate(s).


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