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Colombia birding tours are particularly special as Colombia is the country with the largest number of birds on the planet with the remarkable number of 1987 species including 84 endemic species. The reason for this amazing number of species is the country’s complex geography, which almost has no equal in the rest of South America. Near the Ecuadorian border the mighty Andes divide into three distinct, roughly parallel chains, called cordilleras, that extend north-eastward almost to the Caribbean Sea. These cordilleras are separated by two large river valleys, the Magdalena and the Cauca, and each of the six different mountain slopes incorporates a large number of different ecosystems and habitats with an amazing rate of endemism of birds.

journey through the most representative natural habitats of Colombia will take you to explore the Pacific and Amazon rainforests, lush Andean cloudforest mountains, vast páramos and grasslands lying at the base of snow-capped volcanoes. We will also visit the Colombian Eastern Llanos, the deciduous scrub woodlands on the Guajira Peninsula, pristine Caribbean beaches and mangroves, and the unique Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, an isolated mountain range in northern Colombia that juts from sea level to 5,700 meters (18,700 feet) just 42 kilometers (26 miles) from the Caribbean coast and is home to not less than 22 endemic bird species.

A bird watching trip to Santa Marta will provide you with chances to see Santa Marta ParakeetSanta Marta Mountain TanagerSanta Marta WoodstarWhite-tailed StarfrontletSanta Marta BlossomcrownSanta Marta Foliage-gleanerSanta Marta TapaculoBrown-flanked TapaculoSanta Marta Bush TyrantSanta Marta WarblerYellow-crowned WhitestartWhite-lored WarblerSierra Nevada BrushfinchSanta Marta AntpittaStreak-capped SpinetailRusty-headed Spinetail, and the recently described Santa Marta Screech Owl, some of the avian treasures of this mountain. Santa Marta also has its place in history as the cradle of the pre-Columbian Tayrona civilization that occupied the mountains and built the mysterious archaeological site known as the Lost City. Today diverse ethnic and indigenous groups such as Arawak and Kogui still live in the area, keeping ancient traditions.

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Many outstanding Neotropical bird species can be seen on a birding trip to Colombia, such as Andean Cock-of-the-rockYellow-eared ParrotOcellated TapaculoBlack-billed Mountain ToucanWhite-capped TanagerTorrent DuckNorthern ScreamerTanager FinchMulticolored TanagerToucan BarbetTooth-billed HummingbirdSapayoaGold-ringed TanagerBlack-and-gold TanagerRufous-throated TanagerGlistening-green TanagerBuffy HelmetcrestSword-billed HummingbirdRed-ruffed FruitcrowBeautiful JayCauca GuanBaudo OropendolaHooded AntpittaBlack IncaTurquoise DacnisRed-bellied GrackleYellow-headed ManakinAntioquia WrenAntioquia BrushfinchChestnut Wood QuailBlue-throated StarfrontletWhite-mantled Barbet, and Beautiful Woodpecker, to name just a few.

New species are still being discovered in Colombia, such the new species of Grallaricula antpitta in the Farallones National Natural Park of Cali in 2019. Colombia also still holds untouched regions like the Serranía de Chiribiquete, a group of isolated table mountains in the Colombian Amazon reminiscent of the Venezuelan tepuis and the Colombian Serranía del Darién range near the Panama border, where due to the lack of ornithological expeditions in the last 30 years new species are believed to be discovered in upcoming years.

Unfortunately the magic of this amazing country was clouded by tragic episodes of internal conflicts and drug trafficking, but thankfully those days have vanished like a bad dream. Today the wonderful people of Colombia are doing their best to move their country forward, providing visitors with incredible travel experiences in national parks like Tayrona National Natural Park and Tatamá National Natural Park and a network of nature reserves including Rio Blanco Nature Reserve, Otún-Quimbaya Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, El Dorado Nature Reserve, and El Paujil Nature Reserve. These wildlife areas represent some of the last refuges of the Endangered Spectacled Bear! Colombia also is home to the impressive Museum of Gold in Bogotá, the beautiful Caño Cristales River noted for its striking colors, the colonial and colorful city of Cartagenadelicious coffee, tropical dancing, the literary magic of Nobel-prize-winning novelist Gabriel García Márquez, and probably the kindest people of Latin America. After almost 10 years of running tours in Colombia we wholeheartedly agree with the country’s slogan, “Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay”.

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