The Alaska trip was a definite highlight of the year 2022 for us. It was a great way to see Alaska for us as first timers
there. Jacob, our tour guide, can not be more professional, personable, and accommodating. We felt very safe and
well taken care of with him throughout the trip. Jacob is a very accomplished birder, but also wise beyond his years in
managing the business side of the tours. We saw many species thanks to Jacob’s skill at identifying birds based on
sound and sight, and truly enjoyed learning and sharing his passion about birding. The trip was well planned, with
many different terrain and scenery. We got to experience the beautiful Old Dinali highway, which seems like a perfect
hidden gem. The lodging and food was modest but comfortable. Being neighbors of nesting swallows and falling
asleep to their murmurs was so peaceful. Seeing nests with babies were also highlights. The whole trip was very
relaxing with little amount of exertion beside about 3 miles of daily walking, making the trip very accessible to most.
We are quite inexperienced birders but did not feel that the trip was too advanced, instead feeling inspired to do more
birding in the future. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.

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