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Peru is a land of contrast, history, and some of the most beautiful scenery in South America. With 1890 species and 113 endemic birds it is the second-richest country for avian diversity on the planet. Peru is also one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world as defined by the World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) of the United Nations Environment Program, and home to 84 life zones out of the 104 classified on the planet and an incredible variety of plant and animal life. This probably explains the presence of such incredible birding diversity, making a Peru birding tour a dream activity for birders all over the world.

Peru receives a large number of visitors. Each year many tourists come to Peru to visit the famous city of Cusco, the capital of the ancient Inca Empire, and the breathtaking Incan citadel of Machu Picchu nearby. Several adventures are on offer, like hiking great mountain trails such as the Inca Trail or the Ausangate trek, flying over the mysterious Nazca Lines, visiting Lake Titicaca, or enjoying the tasty gastronomy present everywhere.

However, if your goal is bird watching, Birding Ecotours have a number of intriguing birding itineraries for you and 20 years of experience in organizing birding trips in this country. The most adventurous visitors might love a trip to Southern Peru, and visit the pristine Amazon rainforest with the Manú Road/Manú National Park and Tambopata National Reserve, getting overwhelmed with the large number of species in this area, including Pale-winged TrumpeterBlue-crownedCollaredGreen-backed, and Black-tailed TrogonsRazor-billed CurassowHoatzinHorned ScreamerRufous-headed WoodpeckerWhite-throated ToucanGolden-collared ToucanetLemon-throated BarbetWhite-throated JacamarMusician Wren, and a large number of secretive forest skulkers including antwrens and antbirds.

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In addition to this list the Madre de Dios state in Southern Peru offers the best access to some of the best parrots and macaw clay licks in South America, where everyday species like Scarlet MacawRed-and-green MacawBlue-and-yellow MacawChestnut-fronted MacawBlue-headed MacawOrange-cheeked ParrotBlue-headed ParrotSouthern Mealy Amazon, and Yellow-crowned Amazon can be seen observed during one of nature’s most remarkable spectacles.

Cusco hides history behind each corner, and our eight-day trip offers an exquisite list of endemic and range restricted bird species such as Masked FruiteaterInca WrenBearded MountaineerCusco BrushfinchParodi’s HemispingusAndean CondorAndean GooseAndean Cock-of-the-rockRusty-fronted CanasteroMany-colored Rush TyrantVilcabamba TapaculoRoyal CinclodesAsh-breasted Tit-TyrantTorrent Duck, and White-capped Dipper. From dry rocky slopes to snow-covered mountains and lush cloudforest mountains our Cusco and Apurímac Jewels tour will definitely meet your expectations.

Which area of Peru to visit for your first Peru trip is a hard decision; with so many places and tours on offer you might need our help to start planning. It will depend of course on your taste, but our experts truly love the outstanding two-week Northern Peru tour, which generally yields a list of over 500 species in one of the less-visited areas of Peru that holds holy grails of ornithology such as Marvelous Spatuletail and Long-whiskered Owlet. Traveling from the cold waters of the coast of Peru to the Pacific desert to the lower northern mountains to the xerophytic Marañon Valley to the lush cloudforest of Abra Patricia and to the upper Amazonian cloudforest in Tarapoto you will be rewarded with birds such as Peruvian Thick-kneeInca TernHumboldt PenguinPeruvian PlantcutterRufous FlycatcherTumbes Tyrant, and White-winged Guan. A long list of owls including Long-whiskered OwletBand-bellied OwlStygian OwlStriped OwlCinnamon Screech OwlWest Peruvian Screech OwlTropical Screech Owl, and even Black-banded Owl and Crested Owl make this one of the best owl trips in South America. However, if you prefer those jeweled feathers that take our breath away as they beat their hearts to 1,000 times per minute, you will be amazed to hear that our Northern Peru tour can give you the chance for more than 50 species of hummingbirds in only five days! Marvelous SpatuletailRufous-crested CoquetteWire-crested ThorntailBlue-fronted LancebillRoyal SunangelSword-billed Hummingbird, and Emerald-bellied Puffleg will be the stars of this show.

Finally the most ardent birders will no doubt want to explore our fabulous Central Peru trip, an expedition across the very heart of the Andes. On this trip wonderful species such as Great Inca FinchWhite-bellied Cinclodes, the sought-after Diademed Sandpiper-PloverRufous-bellied SeedsnipeGrey-breasted SeedsnipeBlack-breasted HillstarOlivaceous ThornbillEye-ringed ThistletailFire-throated MetaltailBlack-spectacled BrushfinchCreamy-crested SpinetailBlack-necked WoodpeckerAndean FlickerPeruvian WrenGolden-backed Mountain TanagerParduscoCloudforest Screech OwlJunin Grebe, a distinctive subspecies of  Black Rail (“Junin Rail”), Andean Avocet, and Puna Plover will delight you. Not to mention Blue-headed MacawBluish-fronted Jacamar, and Yellow-throated Toucan which will definitely make your trip very rewarding.

Whatever your interest is in the birds of Peru, either joining one of our exciting set departures or requesting a private, tailor-made trip to focus on photography or just looking to fill gaps between business days in Lima (see Peru day tours), Birding Ecotours’ 20-year experience will accommodate your requirements.

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