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Birding Africa: how to bird the continent strategically

Birding Africa: how to bird the continent strategically

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When I lived in Wyoming, fellow birders and wildlife enthusiasts were often amazed that I was from Africa. To my American colleagues, it was a continent they...
Local guide fund

Birding Ecotours Local Community and Local Birding Guide Relief Effort

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Being a global tour company we have developed deep and lasting friendships and business relationships with many people all over the ...
Birdlife South African community bird guides

BirdLife South Africa’s Community Bird Guide Relief Fund

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There are over 10 000 species of bird in the world. Each one is wonderful in its own special way. However, that number is just too big for anyone to…
Ethiopian conservation youth awareness

Discovering nature: Creating nature awareness in Ethiopian youth

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With the increase of world population and the need to feed, house, clothe, and fulfill energy needs of nations, our world has progressively become more inhospitable ...

The most urgent bird conservation priorities in Africa and its islands

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This note was written for the bulletin of the African Bird Club ( (ABC) and is published here on our blog with permission from ...