One of Africa’s most iconic birds, a Secretarybird, proudly struts across the veld (as South Africans describe the savanna).

Gotta love silly Adele Penguins. Fun memories from one of our Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Falklands and Tierra del Fuego expedition cruises!

In September 2020 Andy Walker was birding in northern Sulawesi and visited some of the birding locations we enjoy on our annual set departure tours on the island. He got to watch this male Knobbed Hornbill, a huge bird endemic to Sulawesi, as it fed the female.

These large, beautiful parrots can be found in several countries through South America and their range stretches slightly into Panama of Central America. This pair was see during our most recent Bolivia tour in 2019!

Video captured of a majestic Great Grey Owl just before dusk in Sax Zim Bog, Minnesota!

A gorgeous Barred Owl put on quite a show for us onlookers just outside of Sax Zim Bog Minnesota. It’s always a real treat to enjoy such great views! Minnesota, January 2020.

White-bellied Seedsnipe, high in the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of Tierra del Fuego near Ushuaia, Argentina, just after one of our Antarctic cruises.

The Black Crake, which is wide spread over Sub-Saharan Africa, is one of the easiest crake species to see and quite often provides some spectacular sightings.

Here is some amazing footage of one of the world’s most-wanted species; Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise. This individual was filmed on the West Papuan island of Waigeo by John Kinghorn.

Rufous-throated Dipper is a near-endemic to Argentina, only occurring elsewhere in neighboring Bolivia. This particular individual posed exceptionally well for Chris.

A handsome Virginia Rail posing exceptionally well for Birding Ecotours guide Dylan Vasapolli at Cuyahoga Valley National Park just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

A stunning video captured by Chris Lotz of a waddle of Adelie Penguins making their way to the water while the group explored the Antarctic Peninsula.

An African Olive Pigeon enjoys a bath in a suburban Johannesburg garden. This is a species regularly encountered on our Johannesburg/Pretoria day trips.

Chris really outdid himself with this video footage all the way from Argentina depicting both adult male and female Torrent Duck along with three tiny chicks.

Fantastic visuals of a vocal Yungas Screech Owl from one of our custom tours to north-west Argentina.

An absolutely stunning male Painted Sandgrouse digiscoped by Andy Walker while leading our 2017 set-departure tour to India.

The coastal mudflats of Mozambique prove to be some of the best wader watching sites in the entire southern African sub-region.

A female African Finfoot cruises down “Finfoot Alley” on the Namibian side of the Zambezi River. These guys are now almost guaranteed.

Here is a Rufous-vented Ground Cuckoo that Dylan and Eduardo had the privilege of spending some time with in Panama.

Florida Scrub Jay is indeed one of the more sought-after species on the East Coast of the United States.

Here is some footage of Lesser Flamingos feeding in Walvis Bay, Namibia. Walvis Bay must rate as one of the top wader-watching spots in Africa.

This Indian Scimitar Babbler was co-operating well during one of our Western Ghats endemic birding tours. Listen to it’s beautiful song while it hops around an equally beautiful Coral Tree (Erythrina).

Suit-wearing mini-humans: Adélie and Chinstrap Penguins are always very entertaining little chaps! This footage was taken on one of our Antarctic Peninsula expedition cruises.

This delightful pair of the tiny Pygmy Falcon were strutting their stuff and displaying – a behavior shown to defend their territory, from other Pygmy Falcon competitors.