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Our Americas focused birding guide Sarah joined our 2022 West Papua Birds of Paradise tour. Here is her talk about this trip to a new region for her – exciting!

A handsome Virginia Rail posing exceptionally well for Birding Ecotours guide Dylan Vasapolli at Cuyahoga Valley National Park just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. This species can often be seen on our Ohio spring migration birding tour.

Gotta love silly Adelie Penguins. Fun memories from one of our Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Falklands and Tierra del Fuego expedition cruises!

An African Olive Pigeon enjoys a bath in a suburban Johannesburg garden. This is a species regularly encountered on our Johannesburg/Pretoria day trips.

This delightful pair of tiny Pygmy Falcons were seen strutting their stuff and displaying – a behavior shown to defend their territory, from other Pygmy Falcon competitors. This cute raptor can be seen on our Namibia birding tours as well as our Namaqualand birding tour, in South Africa.

Chris really outdid himself with this video footage all the way from Argentina depicting both adult male and female Torrent Duck along with a tiny chick. These charismatic ducks can be seen on a number of our neotropical birding tours.

A gorgeous Barred Owl put on quite a show for us onlookers just outside of Sax Zim Bog, Minnesota. It’s always a real treat to enjoy such great views! We target a number of owl species on our Minnesota birding tour.

An absolutely stunning male Painted Sandgrouse digiscoped by Andy Walker while leading our set-departure birding tour to northern India.

The Black Crake, which is widespread over much of Sub-Saharan Africa, is one of the easiest crake species to see and quite often provides some spectacular sightings. This is a species we generally always find on many of our South African birding tours.

The coastal mudflats of Mozambique prove to be some of the best wader watching sites in the entire southern African sub-region. We will scour these mudflats for Crab-plover and other special waders on our birding tour of  Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

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