Ben Warner

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Office Staff and Tour Leader

Anna Wittmer and Ben Warner are birders and all-around nature enthusiasts from Ohio. Both have been fascinated by most types of living creatures since childhood and grew up catching insects, frogs, and snakes. This grew into a lifelong passion for wildlife, and during college, both Anna and Ben discovered birding through ornithology courses. Years later the two met at the Biggest Week in American Birding in northwest Ohio, and in 2016 they were married.

Ben graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology, focusing on the natural and environmental sciences. He has volunteered as a guide for the Biggest Week in American Birding and BSBO for the past eight years. He has also worked as a field researcher for the second Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas, camping full time in southern Ohio for several breeding seasons of the ten-year project. Ben has volunteered as a field biologist for the ongoing Lake Erie Watersnake Recovery Project in addition to research with Ohio Amphibians. He has worked as a naturalist in several metro parks and currently teaches indoor rock climbing in Columbus, Ohio.

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