Duan Biggs was born in Windhoek, Namibia, and spent many weekends of his youth in this vast and wild country chasing down Pale Chanting Goshawks and other birds of prey his parents (both ecologists) were studying.

At the age of 10, Duan moved with his family to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, where his interest in birds turned into a lifelong passion. He started guiding at the age of 17, initially in South Africa, from where he expanded to other African destinations. Since 2007, Duan has guided and developed tours in Asia, Australasia, and South America.

Duan did his Masters at the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town on strengthening the link between birding tourism and conservation. He completed his PhD on the resilience of coral reef tourism to climate change and crises at James Cook University in Australia.

Since his PhD, Duan has worked for South African National Parks’ Scientific Services Division. Duan is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, and his research focuses on tourism and other socioeconomic drivers of conservation success. He spends a lot of time in Santiago, Chile, as well, as part of his job.

When not sharing his birding fervour on birding tours Duan spends his time writing scientific papers and popular articles and presenting talks at conferences on ecotourism, development, and conservation. In coming years, he plans to expand his knowledge of Asian countries and the Pacific, and engage in more serious explorations of South and Central America.