Tour Leader for Birding Ecotours

Geoff’s interest in nature started when he was 13, when he would wander through the woods and countryside near his northern Canadian home, learning about nature firsthand. Educated at the University of Guelph in Canada, he studied zoology and biological sciences. Recently retired, he worked for over 33 years with the Canadian Ministry of the Environment. In his spare time, he maintained an active personal life, where he taught nature and pesticides courses at community colleges and led nature trips. He is a widely-published author in nature and science magazines and books, writes a bi-weekly nature column, and worked as an interpretive guide in several national parks.

Geoff’s latest triumph is the publication of his second book – “Antarctica – First Journey”, a resource guide for Antarctic travelers, honoring the 13 times he has visited that exotic continent.  He has traveled the world, visiting approximately 75 countries on all seven continents, where he has shared time with polar bears and Amazonian snakes and piranhas, observed the private lives of lions, avoided riots in Venezuela, hiked the Andes, camped with pademelons in Australia, walked with penguins, searched for endemics in Colombia, traversed the Northwest Passage, and canoed Ontario’s northern lakes.

Being an expedition guide and interpretative leader helps him build on his lifelong passion for nature. He has led numerous trips to Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falklands, Taiwan, Svalbard, Russia, Alaska, Cuba, Borneo, Greenland, the Galapagos, Tanzania, and more.  Join Geoff as he shares his knowledge of wild things and places, delivered with caring and thoughtful attention to you, his clients!