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European and North African Tour Leader

Oliver (Oli) Reville is from Fakenham, Norfolk, England and has spent the last ten years exploring Europe with a primary focus on its birdlife and reptiles. He has also spread his wings further afield and explored parts of North America, South America, and Africa. His guiding takes him all around Europe and North Africa, where he possesses an excellent knowledge of the region’s birds and their habitats, and takes great satisfaction in showcasing the birds of the region.

Always a big supporter of encouraging young people to get into wildlife watching, Oli has led trips to Spain for young birders in the past. His love of travel has also taken him to Spain where he taught as a humanities teacher. He gains great satisfaction from encouraging birders of all abilities to engage with their hobby. His knowledge and experience of European birding is extensive, and he uses his past experiences in teaching to help clients gain great fulfilment from birding experiences.

Oli holds a BSc. (Hons) degree in Ecology from the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK). He has worked in a vast array of hospitality and retail businesses and prides himself on customer service and experience. His priority is to make sure the needs of clients are met and that his trips are enjoyable and engaging.

With an unbreakable passion for wildlife and conservation to go alongside his people skills, Oli is always striving to raise greater awareness of the plight of our planet. In 2014 he took part in the inaugural study into the effects of hunting in the Batumi bottleneck in Georgia, Europe. In 2015 this led to him giving a talk on the subject at the Ornithological Society of the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia (OSME) summer meeting in Thetford, England. Since then he has worked as an ecological consultant and is a campaigner for the protection of European species and habitats.

Oli is also a passionate photographer and has had his work featured in many publications. His experience in fieldcraft and photography is vital for those looking to maximize photographic opportunities from their trips. He has also combined his educational background to offer photographic tuition in his home county of Norfolk, UK.

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Read Oliver Reville’s feedback from clients:

I look forward to my next trip with Oli which is in about five months. He is knowledgeable, considerate and kind. He knows how to bring his clients onto birds they might have trouble seeing and then teaches them how to identify the bird. He is terrific.

Sandra - On Oli

Oli is very knowledgeable and articulate and very good at the thing I value most in a guide: teaching. I don’t want the guide to just point out new birds to me; I want him to tell me how to identify them should I see them again.

Urban - On Oli

Oli proved patient and informed about our bird ID questions and applied his extensive knowledge on each species to answer our questions and round out our understanding.

John and Judy - On Oli

Oliver Reville (Oli) was BE's frontman on this tour and did really well, ably balancing the needs and wants of his clients. Like Yeray below, he had to switch very quickly in his guidance and response to our group. The barrage was constant, so well done him !
Oli was very helpful in the field, able to go in depth on subtleties in plumage and call when required. He also has great ears (!) which I found most useful, since I now struggle to pick high pitch beasties, like Eurasian Penduline Tit (a lifer for me) and Firecrest. His direction pointing was excellent, particularly when patience was called for with some clients. That is an art in itself.
His good humor was also key in maintaining our momentum on tour, although his penchant for putting mixers with his red wine at the evening meal left us all in stitches. Hetook the ribbing very well !
Oli was very good company on tour and I wish him well in developing and promoting Spain Spring Extravaganza to future clients. It's a tasty tour – go for it!


Nothing needs to be said, We met as clients, left as friends. Wonderful person and guide.
If you want to find birds in the UK, we'd recommend no one but Oli Reville; who made the tour not only birdy, but a lot of fun; Jayne and I plan to bird together with Oli again.


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